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A1GP New Zealand speeds its way into record books

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Jonny Reid, co-driver for the A1GP New Zealand team, today made history by driving the fastest over the 48-year-old Auckland Harbour Bridge, New Zealand, legally.

Mr Reid managed to drive the New Zealand’s A1GP car, Black Beauty at speeds over 160km/h seven times over the bridge. The New Zealand police had trouble using their speed radar guns to see how fast Mr Reid was going because of how low Black Beauty is, and the only time the police managed to clock Mr Reid was when he slowed down to 160km/h.

Black Beauty, like all the other A1 Grand Prix cars, is powered by a V8 engine, 3.4 litres and has a top speed of 300km/h. During the record attempt, it managed to get to 160km/h from zero in under three seconds.

The stunt was to promote the upcoming A1GP sixth round at Taupo in a couple of weeks, which Mr Reid will be racing because of his two wins at Indonesia, instead of other co-driver, Matt Halliday.

Mr Reid performed the record on the clipon lanes of the bridge which were closed at Christmas because the lanes were being resurfaced. The lanes will be open this Monday, January 8.

Mr Reid said the surface at the top of the bridge hadn’t been swept so it was quite slippery. “It was mega slippery at the top but we always knew that would be the situation and it was just great to show the public a little bit of what we were about.” However he also said that “It was fully under control.”

Mr Reid said the buzz from doing that, especially with the help from police, was huge. “I absolutely thrived on it. It was a very unique experience which you don’t come across every day. It was mega, it really was.”

Mr Reid assures everyone that the speeds he will be reaching in Taupo will be much, much faster than what he achieved today.

Once Mr Reid had finished crossing the bridge seven times, he finished with a few doughnuts.

Two cars were involved in a nose to tail crash on one of the northbound lanes trying to watch the action.

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FEMA official in New Orleans blasts agency’s response

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Marty Bahamonde, the only FEMA emplyee in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina, testifying before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, contradicts former FEMA director Michael Brown’s testimony and says Brown ignored his pleas for help.

In an August 31 Blackberry email:

“Sir, I know you know that this situation is past critical. Here are some things you might not know. Hotels are kicking people out, thousands gathering in the streets with no food or water. Hundreds still being rescued from homes” and “medical staff at the Dome expect to run out of oxygen in about 2 hours”

In an email from one of Brown’s aids:”Please schedule Joe Scarborough this evening… Also, it is very important that time is allowed for Mr. Brown to eat dinner. Gievn[sic] that Baton Rouge is back to normal, restaurants are getting busy”

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Bad Habits That Lead To Bad Teeth

Bad Habits That Lead To Bad Teeth

Bad Habits That Lead To Bad Teeth



There s nothing more effective than a smile when you want to improve how you look. A perfect smile instantly lights up your features and shows you in the best possible light each and every time. It makes you look good and feel good, too. In addition, you also lift up the spirits of everyone you encounter. It does all of these good things and more, at least in theory anyway.

The truth is, there are many people who are insecure about their smile, often because of problems with bad teeth. It s easy to be self-conscious when you re ashamed to open your mouth; you re left grimacing all the time in an effort hide your teeth. A good set of teeth gives you confidence and self esteem.

Most of the time, the dismal state of your smile is due to your own neglect and laziness. Improper oral hygiene coupled with bad habits result in misshapen or stained teeth. It s time that you stop the bad habits that contribute greatly to the accelerated degradation of your teeth. Here are a few changes you can do today.

YouTube Preview Image

Avoid sweets. That sugary foods are to be avoided is the one thing you will always hear from

Ft Lauderdale cosmetic dentistry

experts. This is because fermentable carbohydrates like fructose, sucrose and glucose are the number one favorite thing of cavity causing bacteria. They are attracted by the stuck pieces of food in your mouth and then eat away at the surface enamel and interior structure of our teeth.

Avoid smoking. The top

Ft Lauderdale cosmetic dentist

would tell you that smoking discolors your teeth and darkens your gums. It also gives you bad breath. Dropping this habit will not only give you the benefits of a prettier smile but also the perk of having healthier cancer-free lungs.

Avoid chewing on hard objects. Absently chewing on hard objects is a nervous habit many people share. Any competent

Ft Lauderdale cosmetic dentist

is likely to warn their patients that this activity has the potential to ruin your teeth. It can crack and chip the enamel which looks highly unattractive. It can also contribute to teeth sensitivity issues.

For More Information, please visit our website at www.ftlauderdaledentist4u.com.

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Imperfect immune systems help avoid autoimmune disease

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The body’s immune system is less effective at quashing disease than it could be – but if it were better the immune system might do more harm than good, according to new research by Michael Deem and colleagues of Rice University in Houston.

The immune system has apparently evolved to be mildly inefficient so that it achieves a balance between quick response to disease and decreased probability of autoimmune disease, a condition in which the immune system attacks healthy tissue.

The authors drew their conclusions from a model of the dynamics of antibody evolution. Their simulations show that while there are mechanisms that would allow the immune system to develop antibodies that respond faster and more strongly against invading pathogens, those mechanisms would also create antibodies that are likely to attack the body’s own healthy cells. The model also bolsters controversial suggestions that chronic infections could lead the immune system awry, ultimately resulting in rheumatoid arthritis or other autoimmune ailments.

The study will be detailed in a forthcoming issue of the journal Physical Review Letters.

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Joe McElderry wins UK X Factor final

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Joe McElderry has won the sixth series of the UK X Factor, in a hotly contested final with Olly Murs, after the third finalist, Stacey Solomon was voted off last night. McElderry was the favourite earlier this evening with odds of 2/9 from both Ladbrokes and William Hill, compared to 3/1 odds for Murs. Joe’s family had clubbed together to bet on his winning the show, even before the first live show was aired, at odds of 14/1. They are expected to receive approximately £14,000.

On Saturday night, McElderry sung Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me with George Michael, who said that Joe “rose to the occasion…I think he’s got a great future.” He also received a video message from Kylie Minogue after his performance, in which she said “I’m sending you lots of love and kisses. Have fun.” McElderry is from South Shields, Newcastle and born in 1991, began singing at 14. He auditioned for The X Factor in 2007, but felt too young when compared to the other contestants. Together with Lloyd Daniels and Rikki Loney he was mentored by Cheryl Cole, one of the four X Factor judges.

The weekend’s prime time shows are expected to have had more than 18 million viewers, with one analyst estimating £100m of revenue going to ITV from the autumn show. ITV also hope that it will aid in turning around their declining revenue.

As is tradition, McElderry will release a single next week in an attempt to gain the Christmas Number 1 chart spot. In recent years, the X Factor single has always gained that accolade.

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Burning debris from satellites spotted over several US cities

Sunday, February 15, 2009

On Tuesday, February 10, the American civilian communications satellite Iridium 33, launched in 1997, and the defunct Russian military communications satellite Kosmos-2251, launched in 1993, collided over Siberia. Five days after the collision, reports have surfaced that burning debris from the collision has been spotted over several U.S. cities from New Mexico to Kentucky.

Calls to 9-1-1 began to come in to Williamson County, Texas sheriff’s office around 12:30 p.m. (CT) that burning debris and fireballs were seen falling from the sky onto parts of Austin, Houston, Waco and San Antonio. Residents reported their homes and windows shaking and large explosions. After a search of several areas, the Williamson county sheriff’s office reported that no debris or impact sites were found. Earlier unconfirmed reports had said the debris could have been the result of a small plane exploding.

Steve Thornton, a resident in Austin told KEYE-TV that he “saw something burn up in the atmosphere going east to west at 40 degrees in the horizon looking north” which was “about the size of a half moon and as bright as a welders torch”. Other residents reported to KEYE-TV that they saw an “egg-shape with an orange center and bluish outer aura; a silvery-white tail.” Some report the incident lasting about 10 minutes.

On February 13, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued an alert following reports of “explosions and earthquakes” along with “flashes in the sky” in Jackson and Louisville, Kentucky. There were no injures and authorities could not locate any damage.

“The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported to local law enforcement on Friday that these events are being caused by falling satellite debris. These pieces of debris have been causing sonic booms, resulting in vibrations felt by some residents, as well as flashes of light across the sky,” said the NOAA in a public information statement on February 13. The FAA also warns that the debris could cause damage to aircraft in areas reporting falling debris.

“Aircraft are advised that a potential hazard may occur due to reentry of satellite debris into the Earth’s atmosphere. It is critical that all pilots/crew members report any observed falling space debris,” said the FAA on February 13. Both the NOAA and FAA alerts are in place until further notice and cover an area from New Mexico to Kentucky.

However, Dr. Marco Ciocca, a professor at Eastern Kentucky University told WKYT in Kentucky it would “be months” before any of the satellite wreckage enters the Earth’s atmosphere. “The debris doesn’t simply fall out of its orbit. It will either vaporize or stay in orbit for some time before falling into Earth’s atmosphere.”

The satellites, both of which weighed in excess of 1,000 pounds, and traveling at approximately 17,500 miles per hour, collided 491 miles above the Earth. Scientists say the explosion caused by the collision was massive. They are still trying to determine just how large the crash was and how the Earth will be affected. The United States Strategic Command of the U.S. Department of Defense office is tracking the debris. The result of plotting analysis will be posted to a public website.

 This story has updates See US military says ‘fireballs’ spotted over Texas are not related to satellite collision 
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Common Household Items That You Can Use For Crafts

Common Household Items That You Can Use For Crafts

Common Household Items That You Can Use for Crafts



Learning how to use common household items for crafts can be a way to create something fun without spending a lot of money. Learning how to use what you have to get what you need has always been a valuable skill. These days, it can save money, time, and sanity all at once. When your kids are bored and there is nothing else to do, take a moment to look around. What you see as trash can easily be used to entertain, occupy, and enlighten little minds and hands.

YouTube Preview Image

Boxes: If you’ve ever given a child a gift that came in a large box, you’ve already seen the phenomenon. It occurs whenever a child is around a box as big as they are. Suddenly, opportunities crest in their imagination, and there’s no stopping them from creating their ideal house, castle, or spaceship, even if the item that came in the box was an actual toy house, castle, or spaceship. Here are some craft ideas to use with boxes: *Fort: deconstruct several large boxes so that each becomes a room, appliance, or roof. Cut out windows, doors, and spy holes. Decorate with paint, marker, or even papier mache. The same principle applies to box houses, castles, and spaceships. *Building blocks: use shoe boxes or several small cardboard boxes. Tape them thoroughly until they cannot be opened and their shape is stable. These can now be used as stacking blocks to create more houses, castles, and spaceships. *Nesting boxes: start with a very tiny lidded box, maybe a ring box. Place a small treasure inside. Find a box that just barely fits this one and put the ring box inside it. Continue this process until you have as many boxes as you can. Give to your child and watch them unwrap their treasure again and again. Jars: Jars can be filled with liquids and small objects to make music, art, and science. Singing jars: fill each of several glass jars or cups with different amounts of liquid. Put a drop of a different color of food coloring in each jar. They can now be “played” by blowing across the top (if a soda bottle) or striking the side with a pencil or spoon. Maracas: fill jars with pennies, washers, rice, and other items. Close the jars tightly and shake them to hear their music. Bean art: gather several uniquely-colored or shaped dried beans, pastas, or peas for this project. Carefully layer them in the jar in contrasting colors. Be careful to create definite lines of color and texture. These can be given as gifts for decoration or recipe purposes. Repurposing: When thinking of crafts and activities for kids, use what you’ve got, but use it in a unique way. Bottles and smooth, cylindrical jars can be used to roll out play dough. Biscuit cutters, jars, and cups can make great cookie cutters. Garlic presses make great play dough “hair”, and dried beans and rice make a great textural “sand” to play with indoors. Give your child measuring cups and spoons and several containers and watch them studiously measure and dole out beans and rice. Kids already know how to use everything around them for play. Even if the instinct has been masked by hours of television and video games, it is still there, waiting for the chance to come out. Your instinct is there, too. Have an adventure with your children as you see common household objects in new and different ways together.

Misha Anatolia is an art and bridal writer. For more ideas for

bridal shower arts and crafts

and other

bridal shower

information, visit bridal-showers.org. Note: You can reprint this article in your ezine, blog, or website as long as the credits remain intact and hyperlinks remain active and do follow.

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Common Household Items That You Can Use for Crafts

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Swiss canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden fights back after invasion of German naked hikers

Saturday, January 31, 2009

A local Swiss government has shown some bare cheek and has taken action, after hordes of German naked hikers rambling across the Swiss alps au naturel, caused indignation amongst locals.

Authorities in Swiss canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden have warned that starting from February 9, the government will impose hefty fines of 200 Swiss Francs (£122, €135) on naturists found walking or hiking in the nude without clothes in the picturesque mountains because of a recent influx of visiting German nudists.

The new ordinance is expected to be passed this spring. If it is approved by the local parliament on February 9 it should be effective on April 26. The Swiss canton aims to stop spread of ‘indecent practice’ by minimally-clad German climbers.

The problem started with a group of “boot-only hikers” who were stopped by the police in the Alpine region last autumn. They had wandered there regularly, proudly marching through nature with bare bums, and had also advertised what they thought was a naked paradise on the internet. But it was all too much for the Swiss.

A nude rambler dressed in nothing more than a rucksack and walking boots in the eastern Appenzell region was arrested and detained in the canton, but authorities were unable to file lawsuit because the act was not punished by law or ordinance at the time.

“We were forced to introduce the legislation against this indecent practice before the warm weather starts,” Melchior Looser, the canton’s justice and police minister, said. “Ultimately, in the summer lots of kids stay in our mountains,” he added.

In the guidelines imposed, arrested offenders who cannot pay the fine, will face legal action. The new enabling ordinance has, however, been met with protests by nude hikers. “We simply try to tune into nature. It’s the most harmless pursuit possible,” said Dietmar, age 58, a German lawyer.

German tabloid Bild Zeitung has editorially attacked Swiss intolerance and even suggested nudist alternatives worldwide, after hinting a Swiss tourism boycott. Local authorities of Harz mountain range in central Germany have also announced the openness to any visitor of an “official naked walking route” in nature’s outdoors.

Freikörperkultur (“FKK”), or “free body culture”, is a popular pastime in Germany. It is a German movement which endorses a naturistic approach to sports and community living. Behind that is the joy of the experience of nature or also on being nude itself, without direct relationship to sexuality. The followers of this culture are called traditional naturists, FKK’ler, or nudists.

The naked ramblers have hoped it doesn’t lead to another naturist-clothed ‘war’, like the one at a beach between German and Polish holidaymakers in 2008. Naturism has roots traced from the start of the 20th century. “Abandoning unpractical clothes enables a direct contact with the wind, sun and temperature”, naked hiker website nacktwandern.de stated.

But Markus Dörig, a spokesman for Appenzell Innerrhoden canton has defended the law, explaining that the “public nuisance” was a foreign import. “We have been receiving many complaints. The local people are upset and we in the government share their concern. How would one feel if one was to go walking in nature and suddenly came across a group of naked people? They are definitely not people from the area, and I think many of them come from Germany,” he noted.

“We are a small and orderly community and such things are simply out of place here. Perhaps in vast mountain areas naked people would not be much of a problem but here they simply stick out,” Dörig added. “I can understand that we all have to live in this world together,” said Barbara Foley, International Naturist Foundation member of the central committee. “But I would certainly enjoy doing the hike in the nude and I wouldn’t want to be deprived of it. It’s nice to feel the sun on your skin. Maybe they should designate a couple of trails and people would know they might come across naturists there,” she added.

Appenzell Innerrhoden (Appenzell Inner Rhodes) is the smallest canton of Switzerland by population and the second smallest by area, Basel-City having less area. The population of the canton was 15,471 as of 2007, of which 1,510 (or 9.76%) were foreigners. The canton in the north east of Switzerland has an area is 173 km². It was divided in 1597 for religious reasons from the former canton Appenzell, with Appenzell Ausserrhoden being the other half.

Appenzell is the capital of this canton. The constitution was established in 1872. Most of the canton is pastoral, this despite being mountainous. Cattle breeding and dairy farming are the main agricultural activities: Appenzeller cheese is widely available throughout Switzerland. Due to the split of Appenzell along religious lines, the population (as of 2000) is nearly all Roman Catholic (81%), with a small Protestant minority (10%).

The town, however is far from liberalism: the canton granted women the right of suffrage only in 1990 under pressure from the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland and international human rights groups. The Alpine village of Appenzell Innerrhoden, being known for its beautiful landscape, has recently been declared a “naked rambler paradise” by a German mountaineering website, which was created by a lobby group of hikers.

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Wikinews interviews 2020 Melbourne Lord Mayor Candidate Wayne Tseng

This article mentions the Wikimedia Foundation, one of its projects, or people related to it. Wikinews is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

2020 Melbourne Lord Mayor candidate Wayne Tseng answered some questions about his campaign for the upcoming election from Wikinews. The Lord Mayor election in the Australian city is scheduled to take place this week.

Tseng runs a firm called eTranslate, which helps software developers to make the software available to the users. In the candidate’s questionnaire, Tseng said eTranslate had led to him working with all three tiers of the government. He previously belonged to the Australian Liberal Party, but has left since then, to run for mayorship as an independent candidate.

Tseng is of Chinese descent, having moved to Australia with his parents from Vietnam. Graduated in Brisbane, Tseng received his PhD in Melbourne and has been living in the city, he told Wikinews. Tseng also formed Chinese Precinct Chamber of Commerce, an organisation responsible for many “community bond building initiatives”, the Lord Mayor candidate told Wikinews.

Tseng discussed his plans for leading Melbourne, recovering from COVID-19, and “Democracy 2.0” to ensure concerns of minorities in the city were also heard. Tseng also focused on the importance of the multi-culture aspect and talked about making Melbourne the capital of the aboriginals. Tseng also explained why he thinks Melbourne is poised to be a world city by 2030.

Tseng’s deputy Lord Mayor candidate Gricol Yang is a Commercial Banker and works for ANZ Banking Group.

Currently, Sally Capp is the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, the Victorian capital. Capp was elected as an interim Lord Mayor in mid-2018 after the former Lord Mayor Robert Doyle resigned from his position after sexual assault allegations. Doyle served as the Lord Mayor of Melbourne for almost a decade since 2008.

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How You Can Increase Your Tax Refund In Tracy Ca

How You Can Increase Your Tax Refund In Tracy Ca


A Tax Refund Tracy CA can put a smile on your face by giving you a little extra money to spend or allow you to save up or catch up on debt. Everybody loves getting a check in the mail, but few know how to increase the money they get as a tax refund each year. One of the ways with which you can increase our tax refund if you are employed on a full time basis is to reduce the number of exemptions on your tax form so as to increase the amount of your income withheld in taxes during each payday. This will allow you to collect a bigger tax refund at the end of the year. Another way to reduce your tax bill is to donate to charitable organizations so as to increase the amount of tax deductions on your income.

If you are required to purchase a piece of equipment for your job from your personal income, you can claim a tax refund provided the company does not reimburse you the money you spent. For instance, if you use your personal mobile phone for work-related reasons, you can have the work-related phone expenses deducted as part of your income tax so as to increase the tax deductions on your income.

The same is also true for of any professional dues you incur such as paying a fee to join a worker’s union or professional organization. Another brilliant way to increase your Tax Refund Tracy CA is to review your filing status. If you get divorced or lose your spouse, that will effectively change your status filing and make you eligible for a significant amount as a tax refund. Any change in your status as the head of your household or as a single individual should also be reported to a professional accountant.

By deducting familial obligations such as alimony and expenses on a dependent child, you can increase the amount deducted from your income and therefore increase your tax refund.