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Poker’s all about luck, says Swiss Supreme Court

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Supreme Court in Lausanne, Switzerland has ruled that Texas hold ’em poker is a game of luck, rather than a game of skill. As a result, only casinos can host poker tournaments in Switzerland. Private games with friends, even where money is at stake, are still permitted under the ruling.

Poker tournaments had been growing in popularity in the country, with many events held in hotels and bars. Such venues do not have to pay the 50% tax on profits levied on licensed casinos, nor comply with regulations combating money laundering and gambling addiction. Poker is now categorised alongside roulette and slot machines, which as games of luck can only be played inside casinos. Mathematics, strategy, and bluffing were less important in determining the result than chance, said the judges, overturning a lower court ruling to the opposite effect, and disagreeing with the stance of the country’s Federal Gaming Commission.

Before the ruling, it had been estimated by the Swiss Federation of Casinos that there were about 100 unlicensed poker tournaments every weekend. A Swiss poker website, SwissPokerTour.ch, has described the result as “a black day for all amateur poker players in Switzerland.”

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Finding The Best Banquet Halls In Fort Wayne, In For Your Special Event

Finding The Best Banquet Halls In Fort Wayne, In For Your Special Event

byAlma Abell

When you are planning an event, one of the most important tasks is to find a suitable venue. Banquet Halls in Fort Wayne, IN are often the first choice because they are usually large enough to hold a large number of guests and they can be decorated to suit the event. When choosing the best venue for your event there are several factors to consider to ensure you are selecting the place that best suits your needs. The location of the venue is one of the primary concerns.

If you are hosting a business event the Banquet Halls in Fort Wayne, IN that you are considering should be located near the hotels where out of town guests will be staying and if it is for a wedding reception, the banquet hall should be located close to the wedding location.

It is also important to make sure the venue you are considering has sufficient parking. It is also best to hold an event in a banquet hall that does not rent space for more than one event on the same days and times. For example, if you are having a wedding reception in one room the last thing you would want is to have guests from an event in another room coming uninvited to the wedding reception.When you are touring the banquet hall it is important to ask about decorations and food service.

For example, when you contact the Classic Cafe Catering and Event Center you should ask if they offer packages that include a venue, the catering and the decorations. The decor of the banquet hall is very important, especially if you will be decorating for an event such as a wedding reception. It is usually best to choose a banquet hall that has a neutral color palate so you can easily incorporate the colors and/or theme of your event into the room with various decorations. Many banquet halls rent out quickly, so it is recommended that you begin the search for a banquet hall as soon as you know about the event. It is also recommended that you contact the banquet hall at least two weeks before the date of the event to confirm your reservations.

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Demonstrators protest Condoleezza Rice’s trip to Australia

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Anti-war demonstrators in Sydney, Australia on Thursday dubbed U.S. Secretary of State Dr Condoleezza Rice a “war criminal” and “murderer.” Two protesters were evicted and five people were arrested during protests against the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

Dr Rice, on a three-day trip to Australia, said she understood why people found it hard to be positive about Iraq when all they saw on their television screens was violence.

Soon after Rice began her speech at the University of Sydney’s Conservatorium of Music, two protesters shouted from the rear of the auditorium, “Condoleezza Rice, you are a war criminal,” and “Iraqi blood is on your hands and you cannot wash that blood away.” Standing with their palms towards her, the young man and woman repeated their accusation until security intervened to remove them from the hall.

About 15 minutes into Rice’s address, a third protester appeared at a balcony door, interrupting her speech as she referred to freedom. “What kind of freedom are you talking about? You are a murderer,” said the demonstrator before he was quietly escorted from the hall. “I’m very glad to see that democracy is well and alive here at the university,” she said.

In her speech, Rice sought to justify the U.S. occupation of Iraq, describing Iraqis as now more free. One student asked about abuses committed by U.S. forces at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. She said the abuses had made her “sick to her stomach.” However, she defended Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where human rights groups say detainees are held in inhumane conditions and in detention flouting international laws.

Before Rice began her speech, about 50 protesters were gathered at the front gates of the Conservatorium. The group were confronted by police on horseback and by police dogs. Police used the horses to charge into the group of activists and push them back, as a police helicopter hovered.

A police spokeswoman said the group was blocking pedestrian access to the building and that police had spent more than 20 minutes warning them to move. The police then moved in and pushed the crowd back 20 metres. Police say five people have been charged with “hindering police in the execution of their duties.”

The “Stop the War Coalition” says Rice is a “war criminal” and is not welcome in Australia. The group’s spokeswoman, Anna Samson, says the protest is one of many planned in the lead-up to the third anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Iraq on March 20.

Paddy Gibson, from the University of Sydney’s Student’s Council, says the protest is in opposition to the Iraq war, and to the use of the University of Sydney’s campus to host Rice, “the most powerful woman in the world,” who they say is a war criminal. “They’re saying, ‘… you’ve got Sydney Uni’s support to stand up and peddle your murderous hate speeches,’ which is what we see it,” he said.

“You’ve got 180,000 people killed, as we said, for no other reason than strategic control of the region’s oil resources. And the anti-Muslim racism that’s been whipped up to justify this war is being felt by Sydney University students,” said Mr Gibson.

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Former Pantera-guitarist Dimebag Darrell killed on stage

Thursday, December 9, 2004

COLUMBUS, OHIO — Nathan Gale, 25, jumped onstage during a concert with the band Damageplan and started shooting a handgun at band members, and then into the crowd. He killed four people, including former Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell, real name Darrell Abbott, who seems to have been the main target. Two others were wounded. The gunman was killed by a police officer responding to the call.

Damageplan was started by the brothers Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell when their former band Pantera split up.

Abbot’s death is noted worldwide by guitarists, musicians, and lovers of metal.

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Tips To Purchase Black Pearls

Tips To Purchase Black Pearls

Tips to Purchase Black Pearls



Black pearls continue to remain an attractive option for most people in pearl jewelry. Colors of “Black Pearls” vary from dark blues and greens to Peacock and multi-hued and all are far too beautiful for jewelry. Black pearl jewelry works easily and takes a good polish, since that they are smooth to the touch and easily become a go-to choice for day-to-day jewelry. Black pearls are also sometimes called Tahitian pearls, originate in black-lipped oysters. When it comes to selecting a black pearl necklace, people would like to choose the one that really suits their taste. Styles of black pearls range rom classic to unique, so you’re sure to find black pearl jewelry perfect for each occasion.

1. Various colors of black pearls are available for your choice. You should decide which colour to choose. There are many black pearls coming in various colors, not only black, although that is the most popular color. Other available options of black pearls include gray, cream, blue, turquoise, pink or gold. In the conventional world of supply and demand where we all grew up, a thing is valued if it is rare. The rarest, and hence the most expensive, color with black pearls can also vary from eggplant, or deep purple, to peacock green.

2. It should be a wise choice to rotate the Cheap Pearl Jewelry when you purchase it. We believe you will find it shows its orient, or iridescent overtone to advantage. It is meant to be a beautiful shimmer of colors and varies from pearl to pearl. The pearls are carefully graded. It is not easy to distinguish cultured pearls from genuine pearls. Most Silver Jewelry with a beautiful luster have a soft silvery-white or cream shine.

YouTube Preview Image

3. You may need to check its luster carefully. A pearl having exceptional luster can add color to you. When it comes to luster, it usually refers to the mirror effect of the Pearl and coming from the thickness of the nacre. The oyster covers the piece of shell with pearly substance known as nacre, therefore, the thicker the nacre layers, the higher the reflective, or mirror, effect, and that in turn means a better pearl.

4. It’s best to examine its surface. Long treasured as gemstones, pearls are valued for their translucence and madreperla luster and for the delicate play of surface color. The surface qualities mainly depend on the size, color, location and quantity of spots on pearl’s surface. As a general rule, the pearl surface should be smooth, with no pitting or chips no matter what its shape style is.

5. It’s necessary to decide its shape. For the existence of baroque pearls, you’re most likely to make a decision on what shape to choose. Generally speaking, the most prized shape is perfectly round. Other shapes, like Baroque and pear, are in fashion as well.

6. A smooth, lustrous, variously colored deposit, mainly calcium carbonate, formed around a grain of sand or other foreign matter in the shells of certain mollusks and valued as a gem. Pearls that are smooth and have no spots or cracks sell for higher prices.

James is the author of this article. Much more information about

Cheap Pearl Jewelry


Silver Jewelry

on this website.

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Tips to Purchase Black Pearls

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McCain ad questions Obama’s benefit to families

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The latest advertisement for United States Republican presidential candidate John McCain is questioning Democrat Barack Obama’s benefit to families.

Last week the BBC reported that the McCain campaign had released an advertisement comparing Obama to American celebrities Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, calling him “the biggest celebrity in the world.”

McCain’s newest advertisement, released early this week, continues along those same lines.

“Is the biggest celebrity in the world ready to help your family?” the narrator asks, according to The Boston Globe and a video of the ad displayed on its website. “The real Obama promises higher taxes, more government spending. So, fewer jobs.” With images of wind turbines in the background, the narrator says, “Renewable energy to transform our economy, create jobs and energy independence, that’s John McCain.”

The Boston Globe reports that McCain’s latest ad does not acknowledge that Obama’s economic policy, especially the proposed rollback of current president George W. Bush’s capital gains tax cuts, would largely affect the wealthiest of America, not the middle class.

Obama, the BBC reports, is quoted as calling McCain “cynical,” “desperate” and “in the pocket of Big Oil.”

The latest Obama video, shown on the USA Today website, touts McCain as “just more of the same” politics employed by George W. Bush. The ad cites a May 22, 2003 Fox News Channel interview where McCain says “the President and I agree on most issues. There was a recent study that showed I voted with the President over 90 percent of the time.” The ad then criticizes McCain’s policies on tax cuts, money for oil companies, and “tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas.”

USA Today does note that “[w]hile the ad shows McCain touting the fact that he had voted “with” President Bush more than 90% of the time, the Arizona senator did criticize the administration’s conduct of the war in Iraq — calling early on for more troops to be sent there. He also voted against the president’s original tax cut plan — though McCain now says he supports extending those tax cuts. And, he proposes cuts in all kinds of corporate taxes, not just those on oil companies.”

McCain is set to appear at an Ohio furniture plant Wednesday to reinforce the messages in his latest advertisement.

“America has the second highest business tax rate in the entire world,” he plans to say, according to prepared remarks issued by his campaign, and released by The Boston Globe. “Is it any wonder that jobs are moving overseas when we are taxing them out of the country? Unfortunately Senator Obama’s plans would raise taxes on businesses even more. He has promised tax increases on income, tax increases on investment, tax increases on small businesses. This is exactly the wrong strategy. Raising taxes in a bad economy is about the worst thing you could do because it will kill even more jobs when what we need are policies that create jobs.”

Obama spokesman Bill Burton responded:

“Is the biggest proponent of George Bush’s tired, failed policies ready to bring about change? Another day brings another dishonest attack from John McCain. While Senator McCain knows that Senator Obama has proposed cutting taxes for 95% of American families, what he’s not telling us is that he wants to give $4 billion in tax breaks to the oil companies, continue giving tax breaks to corporations that ship our job overseas, and provide no direct tax relief for more than 100 million middle-class families. It’s time to retire these old policies and bring new energy to America.”

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One dead, eighteen injured in Florida lightning strike

Sunday, July 5, 2009

One person is dead and 18 others injured after lightning struck a church group’s Fourth of July celebration in Lakeland, Florida, United States yesterday. The group were outside playing soccer and volleyball when either a single bolt or a series of them hit.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said, “It’s very sad to see folks just celebrating the Fourth, in a way that you would hope people would celebrate the Fourth, with friends and family, and a lightning strike, an act of God occurred, and one person died”. 19 people were transported to hospitals; one was later pronounced dead.

Despite some clouds in the area, the lightning reportedly caught many off guard. Judd noted, “This is Florida. There’s build up every afternoon.”

No buildings or structures sustained damage, so it is unclear exactly where the bolt struck. The church members were described as “exceptionally composed considering the tragedy.”

On average, there are 1.5 million lightning strikes per year in the state, causing more fatalities than hurricanes, tornadoes, and other meteorological hazards.

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Cathal Ryan, early board member and son of co-founder of Irish flag carrier Ryanair, dies at 48

Friday, December 21, 2007

Cathal Ryan, an early board member of Irish non-designated flag carrier, and son of late co-founder Tony Ryan, has died. He was 48, and had been diagnosed with cancer.

Cathal bacame one of Ryanair’s first pilots, having trained as one in the 1980s in Sri Lanka, when his father set up the airline in 1985 in trust for his three sons, of which Cathal was the eldest. He left the Far East specifically to join the airline.

In 1986 he became the head of London European Airways, a business in which Ryanair had bought an 85% stake. This position, however, quickly disappeared as the carrier became Ryanair UK and was then merged entirely with Ryanair.

Over the next decade, Cathal worked both on the executive board of the airline and as a pilot, although he resigned from the latter by 1996. He remained with Ryanir until leaving the board 2002, by which time he was a multi-millionaire due to the success of the airline.

He continued to be actively involved with business ventures, taking an active role in running his family’s stud farm, as well as being a director for Irelandia, a family-owned investment company. With Irelandia he was involved in the launches of such airlines as Tiger Airways and AeroBus.

Cathal died yesterday at his home in Celbridge, Co Kildare, in the company of his children Cillian, Claudia, Danielle and Cameron, his mother Mairead and brothers Declan and Shane.

Friends and colleagues expressed surprise at his passing, commenting that at the funeral of his father, who had also been diagnosed with cancer, ten weeks previously he had “seemed fine.” Cathal had also recently begun regular trips to Italy, where he had become interested in the performing arts.

Ray MacSharry, a long-serving Ryanair director, described Cathal as “invaluable” to the air carrier’s “continuing success”. Michael O’Leary, CEO of the company, called him “one of life’s originals”.

“He was bright, charming, witty and tremendous company,” Mr O’Leary went on. “He was also an extremely skilled pilot, having become one of the youngest ever captains on the Boeing 747 aircraft, which he flew for Air Lanka in the early 1980s. Cathal’s vision, his expertise and his dedication to aircraft safety was pivotal to the development of Ryanair, and to our 22-year safety record.

“Cathal was one of Ireland’s aviation pioneers. He was a comet who shone brightly in our lives and has passed away at a tragically early age. We will all be much the poorer for the loss of his talent, his ability and his friendship,” Mr O’Leary concluded. “His vision, his expertise and his dedication to aircraft safety was pivotal to the development of Ryanair.”

His former fiance Michelle Rocca, mother of Claudia, expressed her sadness at his passing: “He was a wonderful father to Claudia; he and I had a very good relationship over the past number of years and he will be greatly missed by all of us.”

Others described him as a “well-heeled chap”, and one of the few members of Ryanair early in the airline’s history to be able to afford expensive items, such as his luxury car and his high-quality suit. Cathal’s prosperity had often helped Ryanir through financial problems in it’s early stages.

Several colleagues recalled one famous incident where airport authorities had refused to allow an aircraft he was piloting to be refueled unless it was paid for up front due to an unpaid bill. When Cathal was informed of the issue, he produced his gold credit card to pay for the fuel.

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Cheap Office Desks Uk And Their Importance

Cheap Office Desks Uk And Their Importance

Cheap Office Desks UK and their importance by shipra kaulOffice can be defined as a place where one goes to earn his/her living. Therefore, it becomes quite necessary that the place they are working is comfortable so that employees work effectively to produce the best outputs. When we talk about the comfortable office, then the first thing that strikes the mind is the office furniture and especially the office desks. Unsurprisingly, office desks need more attention than they actually deserve.For beginners, it becomes quite mandatory for the office desks to be spacious. It would surely a good idea to purchase L shaped office desks which will assist them in keeping the things properly. Office desks UK are manufactured using glass which allows you to see the things without even opening the drawer. This will help in saving time by not opening the drawers unnecessarily. Office Desks must have two different drawers-one deep and one shallow. The deep drawer can be used for keeping the files while the other one is utilized for storing pens and other stationary products. The desks used in offices must not be too short or big as it would certainly affect the functioning of the functioning of the office and the employees. Employers are advised not to choose bad quality or cheap office desks. However, they can surely select the Cheap Office Desks UK which are cheap in prices and not quality. There are varied online retailers that provide availability of desks at highly affordable prices. All that is required is finding a reliable office desks retailer online and then crack deals with them. Discount-office-needs.co.uk provides a common place for price and brand comparison of the Office Chairs UK & Modern Office Furniture . Our Cheap Office Desks UK gives you best customer support both through e-mails and telephone which is 24 hours available.Article Source: eArticlesOnline.com

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Corby’s 20 year sentence reinstated

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Schappelle Corby has been told by an Indonesian court that her 20 year sentence for allegedly smuggling drugs into Indonesia would be reinstated following an appeal attempt. Her lawyers had previously been successful in reducing her sentence to 15 years.

Indonesian police allege that Corby smuggled 4.1Kg of marajuana hidden in a body board bag into Bali. Corby has maintained that the drugs did not belong to her and must have been placed in her bag between Brisbane, Sydney and Bali.

Australian baggage handlers had been caught using passenger’s luggage to distribute illegal drugs.

Judges rejected her appeal last week, reinstating her original sentence at the same time.

The Indonesian supreme court has ordered that the drugs be destroyed, signalling that it is the end of any possible future appeal attempts.

Another twist has emerged in the Corby story with her 18 year old half brother arrested yesterday on charges of producing and possessing a dangerous drug, deprivation of liberty and assault occasioning bodily harm.

Corby’s lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea said that the development had “totally ruined his case”. Speaking before discovering Corby’s original sentence had been reinstated said he feared the development involving Corby’s half brother, James Kisina, would ruin his attempts to free Schapelle.

Wikinews Australia has in-depth coverage of this issue: Schapelle Corby

Corby’s Balinese lawyer, Erwin Siregar, disagrees with Mr Paris claiming the arrest could provide evidence to reopen her case if there is any proof or statements that the marijuana she was caught with belonged to her half-brother.

In court today, Kisina claimed that he was seeking to obtain information from known drug dealers in Brisbane which could assist in Corby’s appeal.

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