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Effective Minimally Invasive Varicose Vein Surgery

Effective Minimally Invasive Varicose Vein Surgery


Thousands of people nationally suffer from varicose veins. They tend to become a problem as we get older but they can also become an issue for younger people or women after pregnancy. Apart from being unsightly, they can also be the cause of health issues that range from merely irritating to more serious.

How Do Varicose Veins Form?

A varicose vein is a vein that has become enlarged. They may be very large, running down part of the length of a leg, for example, or very small spider veins that are only noticeable upon close inspection. They may be inherited but also commonly form due to pressure on the cardiovascular system due to pregnancy, obesity, and sitting or standing for long periods of time. Most varicose veins don’t pose too much of a problem, but they can be an issue for some people due to the following:

  • Itchiness: Some people may find their varicose veins itchy and irritable. Some people also find that they experience a burning sensation.
  • Unsightly: Perhaps the biggest complaint, and the reason why many people seek to have varicose vein surgery, is because they can be unsightly. Engorged with blood and sitting just beneath the surface of the skin, a varicose vein can be very noticeable.
  • Ulcers: Because varicose veins are not as efficient at carrying blood back to the heart, blood can pool in them and cause a buildup of fluid. This can result in the formation of ulcers beneath the skin and subsequent bleeding on the surface.

Having Surgery

The good news is that varicose vein surgery is an effective method to remove varicose veins whether they are simply unsightly or causing more serious issues. Clinics such as offer a range of different surgeries for varicose vein removal and it is typical for surgeons to customize the treatment for the patient by taking into account age and skin condition. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

Importance Of Body Image And Self Esteem

Importance Of Body Image And Self Esteem

By Kya Grace

There is a close link between body image – the way you feel about your physical appearance – and self esteem – how much you value yourself. According to research, the fitter you are, the better is your body image and resultantly, higher is your self esteem. This link and correlation is more pronounced in the case of people in their early teens, since at that age you are more concerned and perturbed about the way others see you.

It is important to note that self esteem is not something that is permanent and cannot be changed. Studies have shown that the level of self esteem in people changes depending on the age group that a person belongs to and also the external factors – media images, criticizing peer or colleagues – that one is exposed to. Since self-esteem is not set in stone, it can be altered, resulting in a marked difference in one’s personal as well as professional life. One of the most potent ways of building greater self-esteem is to feel confident about the way you look and feel about your physical appearance – your body image.

Since body image is your perception about your physical appearance, it can be positive or negative. A positive body image brings with it self-confidence and self-worth, thus having positive ramifications for your self-esteem. A positive body image implies that you are comfortable with yourself. Having such a healthy attitude helps you become more outgoing, developing friendships and being able to challenge yourself mentally as well as physically. On the other hand, if you have a negative body image, it translates into feelings of anxiety and emotional distress, which has a detrimental effect on your self-esteem. Body image is manifested through one’s body language. The way people react to your body language and image, reinforces your self-esteem – positively or negatively.


It has been argued that in the case of inherently good-looking people, a positive body image is a given. However, this may not be the case, since a body image is one’s perception and that may deviate from reality. Thus, body image is a matter of consideration for all, even if we may not be consciously thinking about it.

There are certain ways in which you can influence your body image. Regular exercise and a good diet helps raise the energy levels in the body, resulting in stronger bones and a glowing skin, thus shaping a positive body image. Research has shown that psychological health is closely tied to physiological well being. During exercise and regular workouts, the body releases endorphins and other associated chemicals, which are believed to be ‘mood-lifters’. Moreover, physical activity helps in slowing down the aging process, making you look as well as feel younger by many years.

Thus, regular exercise plays a major role in lowering stress levels and anxiety. This will result in a more confident demeanor, a sense of true happiness, piece of mind and satisfaction. Fitness and exercise represent the path leading to a positive body image, thus helping you arrive at the destination of high self esteem.

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Cold Hardy Palm Trees For Northern Garden Planting

Cold Hardy Palm Trees For Northern Garden Planting

By Pat Malcolm

Palm trees were once thought to be suitable for planting only in tropical landscapes, however, several cold hardy palm trees occur naturally, growing in America, where snows fall during winter. The windmill palm tree, Trachycarpus fortunei; the Dwarf Palmetto palm tree, Sabal minor; the Saw palmetto, Serenoa repens; and the Sabal Palm, sabal palmetto; and the Needle Palm, Rhapidophyllun hystrix; Much of the information that is published in book from, magazine articles and Internet websites is extremely conservative, perhaps because the testing for national cold hardiness is of a recent origin; and also temperature fluctuations caused by global warming increases the survival rate of palm tree plantings in recent years. Try buying a few palm trees in your garden to plant and grow. Very large specimen palm trees can be purchased for semi-truck fast delivery at a few Internet nursery websites.

The Windmill palm tree, Trachycarpus fortunei, also is called a Chusan palm and a Chinese Windmill palm tree, was imported from Japan, perhaps first, into the United States, but most botanists believe that this palm tree originated in China, where many seed and specimen trees were purchased to import into the US. Windmill palm trees are a common landscape sight throughout Europe, the United States, and Canada. These Windmill palm trees are very cold hardy, and can be see flourishing along the city streets of Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, where the palms grow up to 40ft in height. The slender, graceful trunks are covered with brown-black fibers that appear as hair from a distance, and with aging, the fibers turn gray, and on large old trees the fibers fall off to reveal a slick beautiful trunk. The waxy leaves are bright green above and silver-green below; growing 2 feet long and 2 feet wide, smaller than most other palm trees. Windmill palm trees grow a flower stalk 2 feet long, with yellow, pleasantly aromatic flowers developing into long blue fruits.

Windmill palm trees, Trachycarpus fortunei, are so cold hardy that semi-truck loads of large specimen sized trees have been nursery distributed for customers in Canada who wish to buy a palm to place in a tropical landscape design. The famous Cloister Hotel at Sea Island, Georgia plants grouping of large Windmill palms, some 20-30 feet for planting near entrances and landscape positions close to buildings. Windmill palms are tolerant of salt water spray and are very adaptable for planting and growing in most areas of the United States.


The Dwarf Palmetto palm tree, Sabal minor, is not a fast growing plant, and gorws abundantly in pine tree forests, and in poorly drained lowlands. Innumerable colonies of dwarf palmetto palm grow next to the highway between Albany, Georgia and Blakely, Georgia on swampland, that is under water periodically, and the dwarf palmetto palms grow in very heavy shade. Native to the Southeastern US, this palm grows small trunks that remain hidden behind the leaves. The flower stalk grows four to six feet, and white flowers grow into one-half inch, black fruit. This extremely adaptable palm tree is drought tolerant, and popularly is grown as a native, landscape specimen shrub or in rows as a privacy screen. This dwarf palmetto grows beautiful, pest resistant leaves, and can be seen growing as a salt water resistant plant in large landscape borders of Sea Island, Georgia, where land purchasers value the natural appearance and incorporate the plant into landscape designs.

Saw palmetto, Serenoa repens, is one of the native Southeastern plants that has become the rage for planting as a cold hardy palm in Northern States, where it can survive temperatures of -10 F. The beautiful blue or green colored leaves are shiny and waxy, growing about five feet long. The flower stalk grows 3 feet long and appears in the heat of the summer, covered with white flowers that form blue fruit one inch in diameter. The saw palmetto palm tree is very adaptable for cold hardy growing in Northerne states, where temperature extremes damage most other palms. These palm trees are grown mostly as clumping shrubs in naturalistic landscapes. You should buy large Saw palmetto palms, as they do not transplant well and should be planted and grown from a container plant nursery. Very exotic trunks form on century old Saw palmetto palms, that can be seen growing on the sand dunes next to salt water waves spraying the leaves at Sea Island, Georgia. Trunks on these trees had the lower leaves removed to reveal trunks 4ft long that can grow parallel to the ground or at right angels or twisted. All palm tree trunks obviously shaped by storms or hurricanes, that may have blown over the plants rooted in the sand, only to regrow at a different angle. These palm trees must be seen to appreciate a dune of sand landscaped properly.

The Cabbage palm tree (Sabal palmetto) is also called the Sabal Palm, and is believed to be the most commonly planted palm tree in the Southern US. This palm tree is native to that area, and grows in forests throughout Florida and coastal Georgia. The Cabbage palm tree can grow to 40 feet, but only grows about one foot per year. Upon aging, the lower leaf stem remains (petioles) attached for many years, giving the trunk a bazaar, forbidding appearance. After many years, the leaf remains can be removed artificially, or naturally, giving the trunk a slick, desirable look in the landscape. During hot weather, white flowers grow fast, to 6 feet long, to produce one-half inch black fruit that fall to the ground. Sabal palm trees grow as far North as coastal Virginia, and Carolina landscapes, and are cold hardy to below zero temperatures. This Cabbage palm is drought resistant, requires little care or growth maintenance when planted in the landscape, and is so salt water tolerant, it can be found growing along the sea coast, sometimes falling into the ocean with sea erosion.

Sabal palm trees are considered as the State tree in Florida and South Carolina. Because Sable palm tree roots do not branch like other palms, transplanting the tree can be difficult unless the leaves are all removed before transplanting into home landscapes, and since they are not fast growing, it is not unusual for the palm tree to require 3 to 4 years to regrow the canopy leaves to normal size. The cabbage palm is also susceptible to hurricane damage, because its roots are not largely branched like other palm trees to anchor the trunk into the earth.

The Needle Palm, Rhapidoe phyllum histrix, is native to the Southeastern United States, and is considered to be one of the most cold hardy palm trees growing in the United States. Buyers find it difficult to purchase this palm tree, because it has been removed from most of the forests, where it is not a fast growing palm tree. Large trunks up to 4 feet tall are rare, and very expensive, costing each thousands of dollars. But, this needle palm has survived minus 10 degrees F at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden in New York for many years, unaffected by the snow and cold temperatures. The leaves are two feet long and 4 feet wide, and the trunk is dangerously armed with white, sharp, 5 inch needles, easily being detached from the trunk, with the overall appearance like that of a porcupine. Even though the needle palm trees hundred of years old are expensive, it is possible to buy smaller plants at reasonable prices for fast shipment at many Internet nursery websites.

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Factors Behind The Rise Of Cosmetic Surgery

Factors Behind The Rise Of Cosmetic Surgery

An important factor for the increase of cosmetic surgery procedures is that the purpose of contemporary medicine is interpreted in a wider sense, including not only the treatment of illnesses and helping patients to survive, but also easing human suffering in all its forms and improving the quality of human life on the whole. Those who say that cosmetic surgery is a fashion are right; but it does not mean that it is unnecessary. A person who has defects in appearance often feels psychological discomfort. Lets admit: we live in a material world, and tend to judge things and people by their physical appearance. A physical defect is a kind of deviation from the norm how the body must look like. And in a society, which is by nature inclined to quickly notice and reject any abnormality, it may be difficult for the person having even minor physical defects to resist the feeling of this emotional discomfort. Let alone the cases when you are teased about your sticking out ears or crooked teeth. So why not take advantage of the achievements in cosmetic surgery, look good and feel well? Thus, the psychological need to undergo cosmetic corrections expecting to better adapt in social environment and build self-confidence has significantly determined the demand of cosmetic surgery. The popularity of cosmetic surgery has been greatly influenced by the media. But it is not only the awareness of such procedures which has been encouraged via the sources of information. Peoples attitude towards cosmetic surgery has changed. Cosmetic surgery is becoming ever more acceptable, and people who have had cosmetic surgery procedures are more open about them. Also, the mass media (especially commercials) have influenced peoples approach to themselves as personalities. The emphasis on physical beauty in TV shows, movies and popular magazines has led many people to subconsciously associate their worth with physical attractiveness. Consequently, these outward pressures push people to undergo various cosmetic procedures.Finally, achievements in medicine and technology have enabled surgeons to conduct even most delicate procedures, as, for example, eyelash transplant surgery; to say nothing of countless other procedures ranging from breast augmentation and reduction, liposuction, to tummy tucks and facial surgery. As the techniques and materials used in plastic surgery are being constantly improved, the procedures become safer and more effective, which also encourages many people for cosmetic surgery. For more information on cosmetic surgery look: cosmetic surgery abroad

4 Ideal Weight Loss Plans For Both Men And Women Of Various Ages

4 Ideal Weight Loss Plans For Both Men And Women Of Various Ages

By Chris Carson

Ideal Weight Loss Plans are the ones that do not overwhelm your body. This is the problem for most people – the fact that their diet overwhelms them can eventually make them move on or look for other weight loss programs, and you wouldnt want that. To avoid jumping from one weight loss plan to another, heres a simple guide to help you understand the best diet plans thats been used for many years and has never yet failed anyone.

1. The High-Fiber Diet – This is the most common form of diet since it is known by many and used by many. Most dieters even the ones who dont diet knew that high-fiber foods will effectively help you shed some pounds. Continue on with this type of diet and youll fit into any clothes you want to fit in. What makes this diet plan really special is the fact that high-fiber food is diverse. You dont necessarily have to be a vegetarian to appreciate the great taste of vegetables. Not only that, a fiber diet will not limit you to eating only fruits and vegetables; its a dynamic diet plan that lets you eat even your favorite foods. The reason why high-fiber diet makes you lose weight is because its natures very own organic cleanser. Dietary fibers literally make digestion, metabolism and elimination exceptionally easy. Fibers remove toxins and fats from your system thus improving your systems ability to absorb nutrients.


2. Low Fat Weight Loss Diet A low fat diet is one of the best Weight Loss Plans there is. In this diet, fat is a great part of your diet. But unlike before when you can simply chomp on a full steak, this time you eat fat strategically. What does that mean? Since you do not completely eliminate fat from your diet, you eat small portions of fat that will not contribute to fat stores in your system. You also eat essential fatty acids that can help eliminate LDL from your body naturally and safely thus making you lose weight.

3. Liquid Weight Loss Diet A liquid weight loss diet is not only about drinking water; it is also dissimilar to water therapy. A liquid diet means drinking your food. Instead of eating your food the usual way, you juice fruits and vegetables and/or make soup out of meat, fish and vegetables. The term liquid means, you consume more fluids and eat less solids. A high fluid content in the diet is good for losing weight simply because it aids in digestion and absorption of nutrients. Fluid also cleanses the body and prevents other diseases which may hinder nutrition.

4. Detox Diet A detox diet is often recommended to obese individuals and to those with parasitic infestation, liver diseases and even to those whose medical condition is unknown. However, since the success of this diet when it comes to making people lose weight; its been highly recommended by most. As an initial step before the real diet, detoxification enhances the bodys ability to reduce fat accumulation, boost the immune system and prevent gastric problems which hinders nutrition in the first place. A Detox diet is considered to be one of the greatest Weight Loss Plans which anyone can use and apply.

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Finding The Right Hair Loss Treatment In Lancaster, Pa

Finding The Right Hair Loss Treatment In Lancaster, Pa

byAlma Abell

Making sure that you maintain a great physical appearance should be a top priority for you and something that you strive to achieve on a consistent basis. There are a variety of different things that you can do to make sure you stay looking your best, but none are more important than keeping your hair top form. For some men, male pattern baldness is just something that they have to deal with, but there are some treatments out there that can help. In order to find the right treatment, you will need to do some thorough research. Here are a few tips on finding the right hair loss treatment in Lancaster, PA.

Assessing Your Needs is Important

The first thing that has to happen when trying to find the right hair treatment is the assessing of what your needs are. There are treatments out there that are targeted to certain types of baldness, so you need to make sure you get exactly what you need. Make sure that you talk with a professional in the business to get some advice on what is the best treatment for you and the type of balding that you are experiencing.

What Can You Afford?

Another important factor that you have to weigh when choosing the right hair loss treatment in Lancaster, PA is the budget that you have. Some of the treatments on the market are very expensive and if you are not careful you can put yourself in a financial bind. You need to sit down and come up with a firm budget so you know what you can afford when going in to peruse the different treatments. Make sure that you inform that person helping you find your treatment how much you have to spend so they can limit the treatments that they show you.

When in need of hair loss treatment in Lancaster, PA, be sure to contact the team at BeBalanced Center. They have the treatments that you need at the budget friendly price that you need. Visit the website for more information on the various treatments that they can offer you.

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