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Solve The Mystery Of Lost Business

Solve The Mystery Of Lost Business

Solve the Mystery of Lost Business


Jim Degerstrom

A new home construction subcontractor was seeking advice about the mystery of lost business because their book rate was less than 20%. This person was an electrician, yet the principles I present in this article apply to just about any small business. The opening remark began with a statement that they thought they knew why, so this theorizing meant they were actually uncertain and probably needed a trusted neutral opinion. Don t guess the reason for lost business when you don t know. Find out.

Many solo small business owners cannot state why they get business or why they lose business. We make assumptions, or just don t ask. Until you make it a priority to get both these questions answered, you ll never understand your strengths and weaknesses. Consider the dynamics of conscious marketing and sales efforts.

After the marketing is done and you find prospects the sales cycle is preapproach, approach, presentation, trial close, answer objections, and final close. Ask a trusted friend to tell you bluntly if you are weak in any of those areas. If you lack knowledge of basic sales techniques, it s time to learn. Marketing extends into the preapproach to understand how decisions are made and the price structure. The more you prepare and form a strategy, the more likely you are to succeed.


The small business owner in this instance felt his bid invitations were received to leverage the existing contractor on price. For some of the new home construction jobs he was told his proposal was cheaper, but they awarded the contract based on an established relationship. People buy based on trust, not just price. To win over an existing source you need to demonstrate outstanding credibility and trust. The mystery of lost business for this contractor was still elusive because the right questions were never posed.

People without any intention of ever buying from you may tell you outright to save both parties time, or perhaps they like you and keep you hanging on just to be polite. You could be the pawn they use to drive down the price, but I doubt it. Years ago US Air Force procurement officers proved that even on sole source items, just stating there was competition produced lower bids by an average of 10%. The new home construction companies in this case study already made it known that their quote requests went out for competitive bids. The final decision was not about price. In similar circumstances, any theory is not as important as finding out the real reason why you lost a contract. If a customer stalls without making an immediate buy decision, here are some follow up tips before an award is made.

My sales tips and advice for small business owners when calling about proposals that are pending is assume the contract is open. It must be because they didn t call you. Be positive. If your steps in the sales cycle are “hat in hand” then the lack of confidence factor could be killing your efforts. If you call about a proposal saying “Is the contract still open?”, then your client is off the hook. The only answer to that question is either “yes” or “no”, and the wording itself is an admission you didn t expect to win it anyway. These subtle differences in what you say could make or break your sales success.

Try open ended questions at each step in the sales cycle. Start your inquiry with phrases that encourage your customer to open up. For example, “How would you describe…”, or “What steps do I need to take…”, or “What would you like improved…”, etc. These cannot be answered with one word replies. After your proposal is made, and at an appropriate interval for follow up, contact your prospect and state a new benefit that you offer that they may not have considered. Express your interest to do business, and finally ask for the order. “I m ready. When can we get started?” is much more effective than asking if the order was placed.

Handle disappointments in a professional manner. After you know you lost a contract, or in this case 80% of the bids, keep your dignity and continue with the open ended phrases. State with confidence your ability to do quality work at a fair price delivered on time. Never accuse or complain about their decisions once they re made. Find out what you could do differently next time to become their subcontractor.

Finally, you may want to consider your niche. If customers don t open up when asked open ended questions, then it s probably time to admit the opportunity is not worth the effort. Your time studying quote requests and preparing proposals is costly. When a prospect is repeatedly indifferent, perhaps solo work with smaller contracts or individuals would allow you to grow even if it s in smaller steps.

In conclusion, show interest by asking about the needs of the client. Open ended questions or statements allow the customer to provide details that you may not get with a “yes” or “no” answer. Apply the open ended principles to be prepared in the marketing and sales cycle, and then deal with and learn from disappointments. If necessary, revise your strategy and redefine your market to deal with people who truly appreciate what you offer.

Jim Degerstrom writes small business advice based on 30 years in management, sales, and marketing, including GM or President of small companies in 5 states. He is proficient in website and graphic art design, and runs his online

Small Business Resource Center

and offers advice on his

Small Business Advice Blog

from Kissimmee, Florida USA.

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Great Kitchen And Bathroom Plumbing Ideas

Great Kitchen And Bathroom Plumbing Ideas

By Simon Summer

The kitchen and the bathroom are two of the most important parts of the house. The plumbing essentials that comprise these rooms usually decide the functionality and appeal that they exude. The following article takes you to some of the greatest kitchen and bathroom plumbing ideas that will make these rooms dazzling and appealing while enhancing functionality.

Great Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing Ideas

Kitchens and bathrooms are important parts of the house because of the functions they serve to each and everyone in the family as well as to the guests. The high human traffic that these rooms encounter on a daily basis makes them deserving to exude their beauty at the greatest. If you are thinking of making your kitchen and bathroom stylish and functional, the rest of the article will provide you great tips to implement.

The kitchen tends to gather all family members because of the gastronomic delights that are prepared on it. Fuse style with functions by installing distinctive kitchen faucets and other plumbing accessories. Sinks are definite essentials due to the hygienic functions it serve during cooking and kitchen cleanings tasks such as washing the dishes. Do not forget howaccessories such as soap dispensers would complement to the overall style of the kitchen.


Manufacturers of kitchen plumbing items have certainly diversified your choices. The endless parade of style and colours would make sure that there are styles that would fit your kitchen whether you want stainless steel, brass, or plastic.

Tired of how your bathroom looks? Make it refreshing with the installation of new faucets. They are available in wide variety of finishes and colours. They are a sure-fire hit in bringing out the hidden beauty of your bathroom. Retire those corroded and rusted faucets. Changing them is a simple but very striking way of breathing new life into your aging vanity space.

The style that you could implement in your bathroom is as diverse as the wide range of bathroom collections offered by various manufacturers of showers, sinks, toilets, and tubs. Your choice could depend on the durability that the brands offer, but of course, budget is always a great consideration. Brass copper is deemed as the moist durable material for bathroom plumbing essentials and accessories, but plastics and ceramics are good choices too.

Make sure that you complete the bathroom landscape with various items like towel bars, soap dispensers, tub fittings, and cabinets. The bathroom is such a very refreshing room especially when the right plumbing essentials are installed. Make sure they are properly accentuated with the presence of new wallpapers or paint.

In summary, the kitchen and the bathroom are two important rooms that serve great functions to the entire family. It is but right to accord them the necessary improvements. There are plenty of choices that you can find on the nearest home depots or DIY stores. Make sure that they are properly installed to bring out the best functions.

There are builders in Brisbane that offer plumbing installations and services. These professionals will make sure that your kitchen and bathroom are fitted with the best plumbing items that would make them appealing and highly functional.

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About the Author: Simon Summer has extensive experience working with

builders in Brisbane

that offer plumbago installations and different plumbing solutions and services. He writes and blogs about important tips and advices regarding home improvement.


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Consider This Before Getting A Brand New Closet Built

Consider This Before Getting A Brand New Closet Built

Consider this before getting a brand new closet built


Jacalyn Pozniak

You can have an attractive house with all the features available, except for a great closet system. If you don\’t have a good means of storage, you will definitely worry about so much storage difficulties, and this also means that all your bedrooms are not going to physically look as tidy as you\’d like them to be. Thus, it\’s actually crucial to always have an efficient closet storage solution in the home. Whether you\’re improving your own home or setting up a closet for a completely brand new place or condo, you could be sure to discover a modern closet solution if seek advice from a closet consultant.

Choosing the perfect closet style and design is dependent on the kinds of space problems you have and on your tastes. You can actually for example settle on a walk-in closet if maybe you would like something which generally would provide you lots of room, or you could actually go for a much smaller closet design if you inhabit a much smaller place like for instance in a small apartment or condo. There has to be coordination between the closet design and the actual spot where it gets installed. For instance, the closet that you\’re going to install within the bedroom needs to be completely unique from the kind of closet that\’s fixed into your garage area. For the most part, the design and style and components must be based on the planned main function of such closet space — should you use wardrobe hangers and drawers, shelves or wall units? Would you pick out a walk-in closet or maybe reach-in closet space with a sliding door? All this is dependent on the actual space area, that\’s why you should check with a closet style and design specialist.

A few of the added benefits you are really sure to derive from a thoughtfully fabricated, custom made closet area are:


Organization – It\’s a given; through a custom-made closet you could easily sort all of your clothes and footwear in in a nice way that you achieve that beautiful view in your room.

Space area – Aside from having an excellent closet space structured and installed exactly the way that you want, a custom closet would expertly make use of limited space constraints, eradicating wasted corners and utilizing vertical space.

Value – The perfect closet system gives value to your place; basically what this means is in the event that the scenario comes where you must sell off your own home, custom-built closets will help you fetch a higher price tag. It works in a pretty similar manner to an attic room renovation, if you create more room; you fundamentally attach more economic value to your house. Once you get a custom closet space, you can be certain that it will give you an upper-hand due to the fact that these are some of the features that add some more value than other elements when it comes to a house buyer. It is important to remember that the level of quality of the cabinets would substantially influence the deal you get from an actual sale. Very often, more sizable closets will surely allow you to secure a better deal compared to the smaller sized types of closets, however remember that it\’s also influenced by the kind of elements that were used and also the finishing and all the cutting edge features it showcases.

Time – when your own private belongings are scattered all around your bedroom, or all of your instruments and tools are placed chaotically inside your car garage, you take a long time to locate whatever you require. However by having an ideal closet solution, it is much easier to arrange all your things to ensure that they actually are easy to reach whenever you need to have them.

Today there are a lot of companies that offer storage solutions and services for homes and apartments. The undeniable fact that there\’s really strong competition within the closet industry means that there would be those that would be able to deliver excellent products and solutions, and others who will likely not live up to all your needs. Thus in you\’re looking for a whole new closet, you have to enroll the help of a good closet maker. Irrespective of whether you need to have a highly affordable closet solution, a custom closet system or even an imported closet space, Armadi closets can easily make it available to you.

A designer closet helps you set up a sufficient amount of storage space for all your things, and just in case you want custom-built closets in Miami, you can easily consult an expert closet company like for instance Armadi closets and simply present to them the specific closet design and style that you have planned, and you can be sure to get all of your storage problems fixed. Whatever specific reason you have for needing to have whole new closet, you should work with an expert closet specialist to ensure that you\’ll be able to have a closet that\’s actually of the best quality.

Armadi Closets have been building custom made closets for several years. Our Miami closet factory is very conveniently located within North Miami Beach. We invite you to visit our enormous showroom so you can view our many different Miami closets and actually see our wide variety of closet solutions and systems. We are going to provide you with a completely new perception about exactly what a closet could be.

At Armadi closets innovations are imagined and created. Visit us at our Miami closet and kitchen showroom from Monday to Friday. For more info,

miami closet

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Useful Advice For Getting Your Home In Order

Useful Advice For Getting Your Home In Order

Useful Advice for Getting Your Home in Order


P Johnson

When you put out the effort into enhancing your home; you will benefit greatly with a more relaxed and happy attitude. This could be accomplished in a variety of ways, like going through your closets or moving the furniture in different places. This is a form of home improvement that doesn\’t have to cost you anything, unless you want to invest in a few inexpensive shelves or storage boxes. Further on we will explain what sort of affirmative impact organizing your home can have for your sense of wellness.

If you live with other people, you\’ll have to get them on board with your plan to organize your home. Do not forget the involvement of the children in the house; they will need to do their part too. Adults can have as many issues with this as your kids; be sure to make your thoughts known. You should have a family meeting regarding your intentions. Sometimes you may have issues with people who take a too relaxed an approach to cleaning up areas like the kitchen or their bedrooms. Approach this issue in a cheerful, constructive way. Make sure everybody realizes how amazing your home will be with a group effort making it happen.


It does not matter if you live in a sprawling home, a little cottage or a small apartment, you should do everything possible to invent some extra space in your home. Acquiring furniture that has multifunctionality is one method for doing this is. As an illustration, a futon can be used as either a place for resting or as a sofa. Plus, there is a plethora of furniture items that contain storage compartments, such as a bed with drawers or an entertainment center with shelves. Adding shelving to certain areas of the home, such as the kitchen or living room is an additional maneuver for generating more space. Just a few simple shelves can provide a space for small kitchen appliances, books or other items that might be taking over your counter.

The best way to approach organizing your home is focusing on one area at a time. You should probably not take on the chore as a whole; this may cause you to feel inundated and burned out. Subdivide the job into small sections and you will be more apt to handle it better. Even if it takes you a couple of weekend sessions to organize your kitchen (or wherever you want to start), don\’t move on to another area until its finished. Particular needs may be required for each and every area you are organizing, therefore backing the idea to not do more than one at a time.

Organizing your home is a task that can be very rewarding and help you feel more in control of your surroundings. You now know where everything is, because of the new system you have in place, so it shouldn\’t happen very often that something can\’t be found. Implementing change is usually only hard to start, but after you get done, quite often you find that things are so much nicer, that you wished you would have done it sooner.

Peter JohnonIf you are interested in a new DSLR consider the

Canon T3i


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Very Simple Home Renovation Projects You May Get Started Nowadays

Very Simple Home Renovation Projects You May Get Started Nowadays

Very Simple Home Renovation Projects You May Get Started Nowadays


Kevin M Bacon

A few home improvement projects that have been well thought out would benefit any home. You don\’t need to have a huge budget or be especially handy to make some serious improvements in your home. You simply need to employ a little creativity in a few important areas and we\’ll offer some suggestions in this article that should provide you with a good starting point.

Most houses either have an attic or a basement or even both but rarely are these areas used to their full potential. So, why not make an office or studio out of your basement or attic? There are many things these spaces could become, from an additional bedroom for a child to a space you can rent out that can make you a little extra money. You\’ve already got the ceiling, floor and walls, which are the most important parts of a room. If you want it to become a living space, it will likely require some work and remodeling. You might have to air out a damp basement, clean moldy surfaces, add kitchen facilities or plumbing. These jobs will be worth the work in the end because of the benefits you will derive from them.


If you want a nicer garden and some additional shade and private areas, you can use things like shrubs, trees and hedges to do this. Planting some shrubs or trees in your garden will offer a lot of benefits, including protecting you from the sun and wind, adding a little beauty to the space as well as acting like an absorbent for excessive moisture in the atmosphere. Depending on your climate, you may want to consider planting fruit trees so you can enjoy picking edible fruit from your own backyard. You could plant living fence of hedges around your yard if you are looking for more privacy. It\’s more attractive than having a wall built and it can consist of different types of plants, shrubs or small trees that form a barrier between your home and the world.

The right counter-tops in your kitchen can make a big difference, leading to a great look for your kitchen and making cooking more enjoyable for you. When visiting a new house, people zone in on the kitchen first and for most families it\’s the place where the majority of social interaction takes place. A great material for your counter-tops is ceramic tile, which is available in many textures and colors. One advantage to ceramic tiles is that they are stain and moisture resistant, which makes them perfect for the kitchen. When you put in new counter-tops, you have to consider how they will fit in with the rest of your d cor.

You can give your home a new look, improve its comfort, energy efficiency and monetary value with the aforementioned home improvement ideas. The first key to a successful home improvement project is getting started! Make this the year you start converting your home into what you dream of, so put a plan together, get the right stuff or call the right builder.


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