Factors Behind The Rise Of Cosmetic Surgery

An important factor for the increase of cosmetic surgery procedures is that the purpose of contemporary medicine is interpreted in a wider sense, including not only the treatment of illnesses and helping patients to survive, but also easing human suffering in all its forms and improving the quality of human life on the whole. Those who say that cosmetic surgery is a fashion are right; but it does not mean that it is unnecessary. A person who has defects in appearance often feels psychological discomfort. Lets admit: we live in a material world, and tend to judge things and people by their physical appearance. A physical defect is a kind of deviation from the norm how the body must look like. And in a society, which is by nature inclined to quickly notice and reject any abnormality, it may be difficult for the person having even minor physical defects to resist the feeling of this emotional discomfort. Let alone the cases when you are teased about your sticking out ears or crooked teeth. So why not take advantage of the achievements in cosmetic surgery, look good and feel well? Thus, the psychological need to undergo cosmetic corrections expecting to better adapt in social environment and build self-confidence has significantly determined the demand of cosmetic surgery. The popularity of cosmetic surgery has been greatly influenced by the media. But it is not only the awareness of such procedures which has been encouraged via the sources of information. Peoples attitude towards cosmetic surgery has changed. Cosmetic surgery is becoming ever more acceptable, and people who have had cosmetic surgery procedures are more open about them. Also, the mass media (especially commercials) have influenced peoples approach to themselves as personalities. The emphasis on physical beauty in TV shows, movies and popular magazines has led many people to subconsciously associate their worth with physical attractiveness. Consequently, these outward pressures push people to undergo various cosmetic procedures.Finally, achievements in medicine and technology have enabled surgeons to conduct even most delicate procedures, as, for example, eyelash transplant surgery; to say nothing of countless other procedures ranging from breast augmentation and reduction, liposuction, to tummy tucks and facial surgery. As the techniques and materials used in plastic surgery are being constantly improved, the procedures become safer and more effective, which also encourages many people for cosmetic surgery. For more information on cosmetic surgery look: cosmetic surgery abroad

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