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Wicker Shades For Sunrooms

Wicker Shades For Sunrooms

By A.Caxton

When you install a sunroom in your home. the desire to do so normally comes from the urge to spend time in the sun. but on your own terms. The enclosure allows you to avoid the bugs and pests of the outdoors and to control the environment’s temperature. Tinted or glazed windows will reduce the strength of the sunlight that comes through. and often the majority of the sun’s harmful rays as well. However. they don’t give you as many options for controlling the light that enters the room as sunroom shades do. And after a few weeks or months of enjoying your new sunroom. you may discover that you would like to be able to control the amount of light that actually enters the room at different points in the day. Just as you have curtains or window treatments on the other windows in your home. you can find ceiling shades. sunroom light control for the skylights in your room. a number of options to create a curtain for sunroom windows. sunroom window blinds or other sunroom window treatment options. These various shades and window treatments will give you the ability to control the light and heat that enters the room exactly to your comfort level and specifications.

Getting Ceiling Shades Sunroom Style

If you have skylights in your sunroom. then ceiling shades. sunroom style. are designed to fit into the existing frame of your window. If you purchase the shades from the same company that created your sunroom. then the sunroom window treatment that you choose should already be available in the size and shape that you need. If not. or if you had your sunroom custom-designed to your own specifications. don’t worry. You will still be able to find shades to meet your needs. In these cases. you might find that there are no pre-built tracks to accommodate the shades. This isn’t a problem. It just means that the company that installs the shades will need to install stripping to act as tracks for the shades.


The fabric that is used for these kind of ceiling shades will be important in the resulting ability to control the amount of heat and light that is allowed to pass into the room. You will want to ask the manufacturer about the different fabrics that they have available. Certain fabrics will stop different levels of light and heat. For example. if you just want to cut down on the amount of glare in the room. you’ll want a fabric that stops 20 to 30% of the light. But if you want to be able to totally block out the sunlight coming through your skylights. ask about midnight shades. When paired with windows that have the right kind of glazing. these shades can block up to 99% of the light entering through the skylight.

If you have a solarium type of sunroom. such that the entire ceiling is made of windows. some of which are oddly shaped or curved instead of flat. you can still find the shades that you need. The shades will likely need to be custom-fit to your particular windows. creating the right shade for each individual window shape. The shades are designed to have tension so that they will stay flat against the glass and not droop down. However. you will need to decide when designing your sunroom window blinds. which ones you will want to be moveable and which ones can be stationary.

Control Options for Sunroom Window Blinds

Sunroom window blinds can be moved and controlled by a number of different methods. The simplest and least expensive method is by manually manipulating them by a cord pull. handle. or a telescopic pole that you use to reach the track in order to push them open or pull them closed. However. you can also have the shades motorized. If you choose to motorize them. you have a variety of options for controlling them. They can either be hardwired into the power supply of your home or powered by individual batteries. They can be controlled by switches mounted to the wall or by a remote control device. There are also some automatic motorized options. such as blinds that have a sensor in order to open or close automatically at dusk and dawn. Of course. the more complex your shade system gets. the more expensive it will be. And if you do select motorized shades. you will need to account for the eventual costs associated with servicing or replacing the motor.

However. not every sunroom window treatment needs to be so complex. For the lower windows that do not receive direct sunlight throughout the day. you may find that a curtain for sunroom windows is enough light control. If you want to keep the look airy and light. be sure that you select fabrics that are lightweight and give a ‘breezy’ feel. But if you are concerned about privacy or being able to block more light from coming in. you will want to consider sunroom window blinds. That way you can lower and raise them as needed to keep your sunroom feeling comfortable and private.

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Advantages Of Installing The Automated Window Blinds

Advantages Of Installing The Automated Window Blinds

Advantages of Installing the Automated Window Blinds



Automatic blinds help people to carry on with their other general activities while keep a good control over the incoming dust, winds, rains and wild winds. You can use a remote to control canopy while watching your favorite program on TV, listening to music, cooking food or talking to someone on the phone. It ensures you to keep a strict watch on the possible dust entering your room and spoiling your furnishings, carpets and sensitive clothes due to dust or hot rays of the sun.


It also saves maximum of your time, energy and cost as compared to controlling manual roller blinds. People can carry out other important tasks rather than focusing on the problem of the possible dirt, dust, hot rays entering their homes and spoiling their furniture and their health too. Today there are varied kinds of automated blinds available in the form of aluminum, PVC, vertical, horizontal, Outdoor blinds to offer privacy as well as safety to the room.

There are fabrics that can also be used to protect your home and outdoors from possible fire attacks. These are the exclusive blinds as available in customized colors and style to match your living style and luxury too. Many automated blinds are available in both offline and online market especially from Sydney wherein you can avail variations in configurations, double motors and also crafted in a customized way to fit the panes of your windows.

Window blinds have an added advantage to be uninstalled without any wires and cables. They are thus also called as cellular blinds. They can be easily utilized, planned and placed as per your convenience and comfort to obstruct the required sunshine and particles from entering your home. With just a click of a button, you can spin the vertical blinds. Using remote controlled blinds ensure to perform multiple task together, especially home maintenance activities. This also serves as a best means to keep your family happy and healthy for years together.

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Buying Guide For Curtain Tracks &Amp; Poles

Buying Guide For Curtain Tracks &Amp; Poles

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By Louise Barlow

The style of track or pole you choose can have a massive effect on the look and feel of your curtains. We’ve put this buying guide together to help you decide what’s right for you.


Why choose tracks?

Measuring your window

Fitting the track

Hanging the curtains on tracks

Track accessories

Why choose poles?

Fitting the pole

Hanging the curtains on poles


Why choose tracks?

Tracks are normally hidden by your curtains heading and give a smooth and finished effect to your room

If you want to fit a track smoothly into a curved bay window you must make sure you buy a flexible track

Metal poles are available with joining bends

Measuring your window


To fit a track inside a window recess:

1) The window recess is the sunken area in which your window sits

2) Measure the inside of your window recess, a metal tape measure is best used when measuring as it will be more accurate

3) The track should be slightly shorter than the width of the recess so there is space for the curtains to gather up when they are open

4) Most tracks can easily be cut to size using a hacksaw

To fit a track outside a window recess:

1) Measure just over the top of your window recess allowing 15cm (6″) each side so the curtains can reveal the full window once they are fully open

2) Narrow windows can be made to look wider by extending the track to a wider width than your window. We recommend you extend by at least 15cm (6″) but you can exceed this if to suit your own needs

Square Bay Windows- measure the long side and the two short sides of your window separately and cut your track accordingly

Fitting the Track

Most tracks come complete with all the fixings you need to put them up:

Curtain track – used to suspend the curtains

Brackets – used to fix the track to the wall

Gliders – used to hook the curtains onto the track

End Caps – used to secure the curtains in place at each end of the track

1) You may wish to fix the track to a wooden batten rather than directly into the brickwork as this will provide extra security

2) If you have already bought your curtains you should measure them and decide where you want them to finish.

3) If you have not already bought your curtains you must make sure you buy the correct length for the track position you have chosen

4) Drill into your wall (or wooden batten) at the required distance from the window and then insert a wall plug. Fix the brackets using the screws provided.

5) Space the brackets evenly across your window, longer lengths of track are supplied with more brackets

6) Thread your track through the supports provided on the brackets

7) If you have a very long track you may need extra brackets which we supply separately in packs of 5

8) Slide your gliders onto the track making sure that there is an end cap at each end

NB: If you clean your track with household detergent from time to time it will help ease the glide of your curtains

Hanging the curtains on tracks

Track accessories

Most tracks are sold complete with the fixtures and fittings you will require but extra items can be ordered separately if needed

Why choose poles?

Fitting the pole

Most poles come complete with all the fixtures you need to put them in place

1) You may wish to fix the pole to a wooden batten rather than directly into the brickwork as this will provide extra strength

2) You need to buy a pole that’s long enough to overlap the outside of your window by about 15cm (6″) on each side.

This is so that the curtains are completely clear of the window when they are open so plenty of light can get in

3) Measure your curtains and decide where you want them to finish (click here for guide to curtain measuring)

4) The pole should be attached to the wall (or wooden batten) over the window

5) Attach your batten or drill into your wall at the required distance above your window and then insert a wall plug. Fix the brackets to the wall using screws at each side of your window

6) If you have a very wide window you may need an extra bracket in the centre of the window to help support the pole

7) Feed your pole through one of your brackets ensuring that one ring is behind the bracket so the curtain will be anchored in place

8) Thread the rest of your rings onto the pole then feed it through the other bracket (again ensuring that one ring is left outside of the bracket)

Hanging the curtains on poles


You may wish to enhance the look of your curtains with some accessories:


Finials are used at the end of your curtain pole to add decoration

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tracks and poles

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