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Memory Improvement Vitamin Products: Fact Or Fiction?

Memory Improvement Vitamin Products: Fact Or Fiction?

Memory Improvement Vitamin Products: Fact or Fiction?



A number of corporations today like to make a claim that their vitamin supplements cure different health problems, and it can be difficult to see through such claims and find out what is the truth and what is not. For instance, can there be really such a thing as a memory enhancement vitamins? Perhaps. But at times,all these claims can end up to generally be false, making your supplements into a waste of cash and time. Doasage amounts must also be considered, since it can be unsafe to have way too much of a vitamin or to combine it with certain medications you might be taking.

However, it may be possible for some vitamins to be used to assist your memory s health, like Vit . B. Here are some methods that a number of vitamins may improve your memory:


B-vitamins can provide more energy, and when used in combination with some other vitamins or supplements, they\’re able to have the effect of improving your memory s efficiency.

Folic acid, or folate, can also be used along with certain B-vitamins to help ease some symptoms of Alzheimer s disease and reduce memory loss issues to some extent.

Vit C can boost your focus, which may lead to much better memory function, as well.

Generally speaking, vitamins are beneficial to your whole body and mind. However, you should try whenever possible to obtain all your nutrients from your foods you consume daily, making sure not to use supplemental vitamins as the primary source. When deciding whether to take memory improvement vitamins, you should also think about the fact that these vitamins might not work with your particular body chemistry. The claims made on supplement containers seem great, but if you are experiencing problems with memory loss, it is important to consult with your doctor and get a second opinion. By visiting your doctor, you will be better able to eliminate a far more serious condition that could be impacting your memory.

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Cooking With Truffles}

Cooking With Truffles}

Submitted by: Christy Santo

Truffles are hypogenous (underground) mushrooms that resemble stones and vary in size from a marble to a large ball. Few truffles are poisonous. However only a small number of truffles are considered to be delicacies by people throughout the world. Most truffles do not break the surface of the oil and instead must rely on animals to eat them and distribute their spores in order to grow more of their kind. To attract animals, truffles developed scents that grow stronger as they mature. Truffles grow 3 to 12 inches usually outside the roots of trees such as the oak, chestnut, and hazelnut and do not grow beyond the range of the branches. Truffle hunters or truffle farmers use trained pigs or dogs to locate the truffles that may be underground and ready to be taken carefully out. Truffles are not easy to cultivate and although farmers and scientists have managed through the last thirty years to improve the ability to grow truffles there is still not a full guarantee of growth. Truffles can take six or more years to mature before it can be seen if truffles are growing or not. When truffles are ready to harvest the process is very methodical, slow, and labor intensive. These facts about truffles make them one of the most expensive delicacies in the world.

After truffles are methodically harvested, truffles should be placed in paper bags with appropriate markings on the bag to differentiate the varieties that were harvested. This is especially important for truffle hunters to do because an expert will be needed to ensure they are edible.

Truffles can last for several days in a paper bag placed in a refrigerator. One should not place truffles in a plastic container because the lack of air from a sealed container is bad for them. A second way to keep truffles is to place them in a jar then in the freezer where they can last for several months. A third way truffles can be preserved is to put them in oil. However, if there is no pasteurization the shelf life of truffles at room temperature will be limited. A fourth way to store truffles is to put them in rice, but all the flavor of the truffles will be absorbed by the rice. The ideal way to use truffles is to consume them as soon as possible as fresh as possible.

When truffles are used in cooking they are generally eaten raw or are very lightly cooked because the flavor compounds of the truffle are highly unpredictable. Here are a few guidelines for using truffles in dishes.

First: The truffle should not to be used with other foods with strong flavors and overwhelming aromas. The flavors can clash so it is better to use truffles to flavor bland foods like pasta, rice, and potatoes.

Second: Fat is good for the truffle. Fat helps bring out the full flavor of the truffle, which is why they are paired with butter, cheese, and oils.

Third: One should maximize the flavor of the truffle by shaving, slivering, or slicing it. Anything more and the diner will not get the most taste from the truffle.

Fourth: Save the peel from a truffle. Do not throw away because the peel can add flavor to other recipes including sauces.

Fifth: If one has preserved truffles, they will not have the same flavor so if the is wish to enhance before preservation use Truffle oil or Concentrato or a Truffle Paste.

Sixth: Fresh truffles should be used within 3 days of purchase. Preserved truffles have a long shelf life if left unopened in the jar but once opened consume within a week.

Seventh: When using any truffle in a recipe one should be aware of the flavor it has before putting it with any food. Either trying the truffle first yourself or read about it beforehand to make the best use a truffle in a recipe.

The truffle is a world prize to those who farm it for profit, to the truffle hunters, to the people in the world market who sell it, and finally to those who cook with it. The truffle, although not fully tamed, has dazzled appetites and continues to grow in stature. It may take a lot to get a truffle to grow and come to harvest but the taste, aroma, and pleasure the truffle can bring to the taste buds is well worth it.

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to introduce the truffle to whose who may not know about it or who know very little about the truffle. It is a unique and interesting gourmet food with an appeal around the world.


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Where To Find Jewelry Making Supplies

Where To Find Jewelry Making Supplies

By Garry Neale

If you want to make your own jewelry at home as a hobby, you need to find your own jewelry making supplies online so you can put together the trinkets you want without spending a lot of money. Handmade jewelry is the most beautiful you can own because it’s made by a caring person – and it’s a piece of art. Luckily, jewelry making supplies are easy to find on the Internet.

Simply do a search for “jewelry making supplies” and you should come across tons of sites that sell exactly what you need for low prices. In fact, if you’re into making handmade jewelry, you’ll have more choice than you’d expect, and will need to take some time sifting through the different stores and their wares.

It’s easy and inexpensive to make handmade jewelry at home, and it can be a lot of fun if you like to get creative. It makes a great gift for yourself or family and friends, and you can even turn your hobby into another form of income by selling your handmade jewelry online or locally.


By getting your hands on the right jewelry making supplies from the beginning, it’s possible to put together some items that will last for years, especially if you find amazing, high-quality jewelry-making kits.

If you visit craft supplies sites you can get more than just materials for your creations. You can find kits that help you with patterns and to design ideas. You should also purchase a book on making beaded jewelry to help you along the way. It’s easy to find books on the topic because craft supply stores have tons of them for sale on a regular basis.

Learn some of the terminology before you get into making beaded jewelry as well. Learn about where you can find clasps, metal rings, and earring posts. Making silver jewelry is a particular subject you may want to familiarize yourself with if you’re going to get into the hobby of making jewelry at home. Silver necklaces and other accoutrements can make amazing gifts and keepsakes for those you love.

Other supplies you may need, in addition to the actual beads for the jewelry, include tools, pliers, glue, clasps, and other items such as containers to hold the various supplies, and bead boards to stay organized.

If you look in both online and local stores you should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for, as far as supplies are concerned. Compare prices to find the best deals, and browse as many stores and items as possible.

When you purchase kits, the whole process from start to finish will be much easier. You won’t have to worry about forgetting supplies, and most kits are fairly reasonably priced. Also, the kits are available for a wide range of different jewelry-making, so you won’t run out of ideas to try. If you’re buying online, don’t forget to factor the cost of shipping into the price calculations.

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