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Fleet wraps, vehicle wraps for your company’s cars and trucks, are definitely one of the most effective forms of advertising. By utilizing this type of promotion, your product or service can be highly visible in any location where your company vehicles are being used. This is high impact awareness, and it is a unique way to advertise you and your business. This would mean increased income revenue as well as added exposure for your company.

With well designed graphics on a custom level, fleet wraps will maximize the visibility that will maximize your vehicle’s visibility in order for you to create name recognition with anyone who happens to pass your trucks, vans or cars on the road. Whether your fleet operates on a city street or busy interstate, graphic designs are colorful, informative, and more than memorable–studies even prove their effectiveness.

Create a mobile sign or billboard with your own logo or company design that gives you exposure to new customers. This is a great way to reach new prospects without the costly use of other forms of advertising, such as mailing flyers or billboards. Choosing a company like Kaiser Graphics who has been in business for many years and whose sole focus is on signs and signage gives you a great advantage in designing graphics with maximum impact.


Another benefit to fleet wraps is that they also offer continuing communication and exposure of your services or products without the recurring bills each month for the usual type of advertisement. This means once you have the designs installed on your vehicles, there are no additional expenses necessary to continue to take advantage of this type of business promotion. This is a low cost, high impact way to increase consumer awareness of your business.

You have the choice of designing your vehicle graphics using only your company logo, or you can choose to do a full coverage graphic or a combination of both for your fleet wraps. No matter what type of graphic you employ, your company fleet becomes a powerful tool that provides exposure for your business in new and exciting ways.

Fleet branding is definitely a tool that presents a forum that is unsurpassed in providing mobile branding and recognition for your service or product. A vehicle that displays any type of artwork will generate attention. This means it will create interest whether your vehicle is parked or driving down the street.

It is advertising that is basically on autopilot. After seeing your vehicle with colorful designs cleverly displaying your product or service message, the next time someone finds themselves in need of your type of service or particular brand, they are sure to recall seeing your mobile ad, and you will be the one they call.

Your company’s vehicles are not just for transportation anymore. You can now take advantage of an asset that you already use on a daily basis and make it work for you in new and exciting ways. The opportunities to reach your customer base become limitless when you have this type of advertising.

Now your choices are not confined to simply a newspaper, magazine, flyer or stationary signs such as a billboard that requires your customer to buy something or travel past an object at a specific site in order to encounter your ad. By using fleet wraps instead, your message will reach everyone your vehicles come in contact with, creating a sort of mobile business card.

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