Natural Alternatives To Rawhide Bones


Dog treats and chews come in diverse sizes, shapes, and types. Some are easy to chew; others challenge your dog. Rawhide bones are a common staple of many dog owners. However, there are natural alternatives to rawhide bones that will satisfy the chewing urges of the toughest dog critic.

Talking AlternativesWhen looking at “natural” dog chews and treats, be sure to have a definition clearly in mind. Remember, just because it says so on the package does not make it true. For some companies, natural may include several chemicals or ingredients with lengthy and unpronounceable names. Several of them they list as preservatives – as good an excuse as many.


While it is possible to weed through the terminology and get lost in what chemicals and other ingredients are safe, sometimes the best approach is to look for simple. When looking at the available natural alternatives to rawhide bones, look at those that feature the least ingredients. Consider the small sample provided below:

  • Antlers – Deer and elk shed them. Your pet may enjoy them. These are tough chews but may be too tough or too sharp for some pets
  • Sweet potatoes – Some dogs love; others reject. Check to see which category your canine falls into
  • Bones – Dog lovers are in 3 camps about bones.

    * Those who never feed their dogs bones – too dangerous* Those who argue raw bones are best* Those who believe basted bones are better – easier to digest

In all cases, the right types of bones (large-animal) do provide a challenge and enormous pleasure to canines of all sizes

  • Animal Skins – Some companies take the skin of a pig or other animal, bake it and make it into a chewable, edible and highly digestive product

Natural Alternatives To Rawhide Bones

There are many natural alternatives to rawhide bones. Go online. Do the research and purchase something healthy your dog can chew with relish.

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