<div class=International Space Station’s solar panel damaged
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International Space Station’s solar panel damaged

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Astronauts and ground controllers are looking at apparent damage to the International Space Station P6 4B solar array spotted by the crew during deployment. NASA halted the deployment of the solar array wing to evaluate the damage. Deployment is about 75 percent complete with 25 of 31 bays deployed.

The crew has been asked to photograph the area on the solar array wing and downlink the images to the ground.

Shuttle Discovery is presently docked to the ISS during mission STS-120.

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<div class=The WB and UPN networks to become the CW network
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The WB and UPN networks to become the CW network

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Warner Bros. Entertainment (a division of Time Warner, Inc.) and CBS Corporation announced today the merger of their two struggling television networks together to form one jointly owned network which will debut this fall.

The new network, which is to be called CW (for CBS-Warner) will replace UPN and The WB networks, which will shut down. The network will be a 50-50 partnership between CBS and Warner Brothers. The network will be carried on stations owned by the Tribune Company, amongst others.

The merger is in response to the struggling of both networks, neither of which have attracted much viewership away from the big four networks since they being formed in the early 90s. However each have had some strengths. The WB has been more popular with younger viewers and has had hits with television shows Smallville and Gilmore Girls. UPN has recently received critical acclaim for its sitcom Everybody Hates Chris and World Wrestling Entertainment’s Smackdown! has been a mainstay since it debuted on the network. The new network’s schedule will be announced in May; until then the networks will operate their schedules independently. The new network is planning to target the 18-34 age bracket in prime time, and will contain both shows from the WB and UPN.

With UPN’s 12 affiliated station, together with Tribune’s 16 stations gives the new network coverage over half of the country. The Tribune stations that will be apart of the new network is WGN in Chicago, WB flagship station, WPIX in New York and KTLA in Los Angeles. WPIX will become the flagship station of the new network. Tribune will relinquish its 22.5% stake in the WB in return for a 10-year affiliation agreement with the network in turn.

Dawn Ostroff, currently the president of UPN, will become president of entertainment and John Maatta, currently the chief operating officer of the WB, will become chief operating officer of the CW.

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Beginners And Top Modeling Agencies}

Beginners And Top Modeling Agencies}

Submitted by: Karam AboulHoda

Beginner models – 1st things first! Before you’ll leap right out on the runway or get your image on the quilt of a serious periodical, or maybe become a model for Victoria’s Secret, you would like to be told a little concerning the highest list model agencies and what they’re probing for. This comment can offer you some perception to assist you discover if you must aim for them.

What precisely may be a prime list model agent?

Well, these area unit the “big guys” you see with offices in major cities like NYC, Chicago, Miami, l. a. and in reality, everywhere the world therefore you’ll bet there are a unit loads of passionate male and feminine models, teenagers and additional mature models WHO area unit shooting for a response.

These major modeling agencies have in depth budgets, work with the foremost wonderful designers, and area unit willing to pay nice sums of resources within the evolvement and spot of models accepted by them. {they do they area unit doing} it as a matter of routine just because the returns are proportionate.

Character counts

If you’re trying to seek out one, be ready to be among the most effective, each in terms of temperament also as ability to handle higher profile assignments that demand expertise of a really high order.

YouTube Preview Image

Good Agencies supply Complete Packages

“I’ll cause you to famous”

Creditable modeling firms have access to the most effective advertising agencies, designers, and fashion photographers. they need the capability to seek out work for models in AN organized manner finishing the strategy in total. They bill the shopper and pay models their checks once deducting a commission.

The agent takes care of details

Models don’t ought to worry concerning work and may aim on schedules, presentation, and making the correct feeling for a promotion.

Top modeling agencies supply complete packages virtually pampering their models to offer their best on assignment without fear concerning however cash reaches their account.

The standing of prime list model agencies

Reputation is everything within the world of modeling. Firms take years to determine a name for themselves as skilled, committed and honest one who negotiates agreement between models and promising purchasers. A private approach is adopted whereas approaching purchasers.

Unity is developed between prime modeling agencies and their purchasers creating them willing customers forever. it’s quite common to visualize assignment once assignment return to an equivalent agency for this terribly reason. Building on their name may be a continued method that takes place as a matter of procedure. You’ll notice promotions, competitions, and massive brands joined with prime list modeling agencies via promotional literature and support.

Your traveling itinerary

Verified models area unit wont to motion from one state or country totally different on different assignments for an equivalent agency. Yet, newbies have a definite advantage if they elect to affix a prime agency, regardless of location or country. These agencies usually cater to a socio-economic class complete of international models.

Only prime models work with the highest agents

The finest model agents have the habit of operating with the most effective models all the time. Their name appears to have interaction recent talent. These models area unit then enlightened to become international superstars, however their names can forever be attached with the modeling agency WHO developed and enriched their talent.

Getting listed is important

Yes, these prime modeling firms are going to be tough to induce listed with however – play your cards right, get accepted by one among them and your model path is off to a fantastic begin. You may find yourself turning into another Cindy Crawford or Tyra Banks. But Free Articles, recollect it can take a lot of diligence and an awesome quantity of commitment to induce to the highest – and to remain there!

About the Author: ABOUT THE AUTHOR Professional modeling photographer DTouchModel gives tips for beginners, find out how to become a model at




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<div class=Ukrainian tow boat ‘Chelyabinsk’ collides with bridge at Baja, Hungary
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Ukrainian tow boat ‘Chelyabinsk’ collides with bridge at Baja, Hungary

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

On Monday, Ukrainian towboat “Chelyabinsk” ((uk))Ukrainian language: ??????????? ran its barge caravan into a bridge pillar on the river Danube at Baja, Hungary. The caravan broke up, but it continued its way downstream later that day. According to multiple sources, no casualties were reported.

The caravan consisted of six grain barges pushed by Chelyabinsk, a towboat of the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company. Its downstream route crossed the rail-road bridge at Baja over the Danube at about marker 1480.

The caravan moved too far left from the navigable passage and hit a pillar of the bridge around 12:54 CET (1154 UTC) while trying to turn right. Gyula Szabó, a nautical expert interviewed by TV2, attributed the event to pilot error. An eyewitness told TV2 heavy winds were a contributing factor.

The caravan broke up after the collision. Boats anchored at Baja caught the barges. A police inspection found no leaks on them and the re-assembled caravan left the scene the same day.

Talking to RTL Klub, another helmsman, Dávid Peth?, pointed out this section is hard to navigate through with this kind of setup: “[This was] a caravan of about 200 meters in length [and] 33 meters in width with a mass, together with its cargo, of about 10 thousand metric tonnes. Keeping in mind that the horizontal clearance [under] the Baja bridge averages at only 60 metres, this is very large and very bulky.” ((hu))Hungarian language: ?Kb. 200 méteres karaván, 33 méter a szélessége, és kb. 10 000 tonna az ? tömege, így megrakottan. Ez egy hatalmas nagy méret és egy hatalmas nagy súly ahhoz képest, hogy a bajai hídnak az átlag hajózó szélessége csupán 60 méter. Peth? also told RTL Klub this bridge-crossing manoeuvre starts three kilometres upstream from the bridge, with no room for error.

No significant damage was reported on the bridge, and cross-river traffic did not halt. The police categorised the case as an administrative offence.

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<div class=Fuel leak prompts 17,000-vehicle recall by Toyota
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Fuel leak prompts 17,000-vehicle recall by Toyota

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Toyota announced on Friday that it will recall around 17,000 Lexus vehicles in response to risks of the fuel tank in the cars leaking after a collision.

The Lexus HS 250h model was subjected to the recall following a US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigation. Despite previously passing Toyota safety inspections, the conclusions of an NHTSA sub-contracted investigator were that; when the vehicles in question collided with an object at more than fifty-miles-per hour, more than 142 grams of fuel, the maximum allowed by US law, leaked from the crashed car.

According to Toyota, further tests did not show any additional failure of the fuel tank.

In response to the findings, Toyota issued a recall of all affected vehicles, since the company had no solution immediately available. The recall includes 13,000 cars already sold, as well as another 4,000 still at dealerships.

Toyota says it plans to conduct further tests to determine the cause of the leak. A Toyota spokesman, Brian Lyons, said that the company was “still working to determine what the root cause of the condition is.” It’s still unclear when exactly the recall will take place, or when dealerships will be allowed to sell this model again. Lyons said that Toyota is “working feverishly to get this resolved as soon as possible.”

Toyota isn’t aware of any accidents stemming from the leaking fuel tank in the affected vehicles, first introduced in the summer of 2009.

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<div class=Saskatchewan places moratorium on boar farming, says escaped boars should be killed
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Saskatchewan places moratorium on boar farming, says escaped boars should be killed

Saturday, March 14, 2009

At the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) conference, a resolution was passed that encourages the Government of Saskatchewan, Canada to place a moratorium on specialty livestock farms raising wild boar. All wild boars that have escaped to roam wild should be killed, according to the resolution.

Agriculture Minister Bob Bjornerud endorses a ban on wild boar farming. The wild boar population is expanding exponentially. There are over 2,000 feral Sus scrofa swine roaming the prairies. Two litters of approximately 12 piglets are sired by each wild boar sow every year. The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation (SWF) likewise passed a similar resolution at their 79th annual convention to urge the Saskatchewan Government to declare the wild boar as a nuisance species which can be killed on sight.

3% of farmed “wild” boars escape. Cells of wild boars are ravenous creatures killing and eating everything in their path. Horses, cows, and other livestock run from wild boars, breaking through fences in the process.

Ostriches, emus, llamas, alpacas, reindeer, wild boar, and fallow deer were amongst the animals introduced to farms in Saskatchewan during the agricultural diversification program in the late 1970s. Production of wild boars was promoted throughout the 1980s.

According to the Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food 2001 statistics, there were 150 wild boar producers raising approximately 15,000 and 20,000 head. Of these there were about 2,700 sows. On the 2006 Census of Agriculture, 401 farms reported 4,926 boars.

The boar’s red meat is an export commodity to Europe and Asia. The live breeding stock are also sold to trophy hunt ranches. Full blooded wild boar and hybrid crosses are raised.

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Are You Using Fitness Club Software Yet?

Are You Using Fitness Club Software Yet?

Are you using Fitness Club Software Yet?


Max Info

Fitness is slowly becoming a habit and a good one at that. Increased exposure to the internet, better media coverage of health and weight problems and the desire to look fitter has seen an increase in the number of people opting for a fitness regime. And health club owners cant stop smiling. But, there s another side of the story.

What it has also done is that it has made it all the more tough for health club chains to retain customers. They have to offer the best solutions at the best price or else, the client just has to walk down the lane for a better health club offer. This is where fitness club software comes into the picture. Fitness Club Software is used to ease the management of a health club and can improve the efficiency of a health club chain. How does it do that? Here s how.

Better Productivity: In comparison to the conventional method of storing, analyzing and comparing the progress of clients in a gym studio, these applications have made these procedures more efficient and easy to access. The use of software eliminates the chances of manual error that are still plaguing health clubs who are not using health software even today.

YouTube Preview Image

Multitude of tasks: Having hassles over billing and payment issues? It will be a thing of the past with Fitness Club Software. An important feature is payment processing and finances of large as well as small studios. The health club is able to process payments from their members, keep track of those who have paid for selected services as well as the different payment types such as credit or cash.

Customize Goals: Gym software are can also help to manage the training needs of different members. The use of this software has seen studios customize highly detailed meal plans as well as supplement and training regimens which the members can subscribe and follow as part of their training. In using these tools gym owners are able to provide the best work out and fitness plans that accommodates both beginners as well as the elite members. These regimens that are created upon the demand of the client are tailored to suit members of the club.

Better customer service: It enhances customer service relations. Large and small health studios are able to enhance their communication with their clients due to the efficiency the software offers. The fact that the storage of the client data is able to be tracked and updated regularly and with ease, saves a lot of time and convenience for the client. It is also possible to communicate with members who undertake their work out sessions at home as their progress can be updated wherever they are. Clients are also able to order meal plans that relate to their budgets and their preferred recipes and get a readymade regimen in time.

Do you need more? There are more reasons to start using Fitness Club Software for your gym. If you are not using it, then you are not aware of the benefits that you are missing out on.

The applications of

fitness club software

are diverse and can make gym management a cinch.

Fitness club software

is an effective way of managing one’s studio regardless of its size in terms of membership. An investment in fitness club software will change the way you manage and run your business, forever.

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<div class=Stolen minibus recovered 35 years after theft
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Stolen minibus recovered 35 years after theft

Friday, November 6, 2009

A 1965 Volkswagen minibus that was stolen in 1974 has been recovered by customs agents in Los Angeles. The vintage minibus was in pristine condition, valued at $25,000, and was found during a routine inspection of a shipping container scheduled for departure to The Netherlands. A routine computer database search on its vehicle identification number flagged it as having been stolen from a vehicle upholstery shop in Spokane, Washington on July 12, 1974. A custom restoration business in Arizona was attempting to deliver it to overseas clients last month when authorities intercepted the vehicle.

“Pretty amazing, isn’t it?”

The theft appeared on the National Insurance Crime Bureau database, which is used by border authorities and contains all stolen vehicle records. Most police databases remove unsolved vehicle thefts after five years.

The California Highway Patrol does not suspect the restorer of wrongdoing, according to investigating officer Mike Maleta. Possession of the vehicle apparently changed several times. Police in Spokane have not yet located the rightful owner, whose identity has not been released to the press. Maleta hopes that a trail of registration documents and interviews will uncover the thief.

“[The restoration firm owner is] a victim himself. He was an innocent purchaser…”

The Allstate insurance company paid $2500 shortly after the theft occurred and wants to take possession of the vintage minibus. Allstate spokeswoman Megan Brunet expects that after the necessary paperwork is processed the firm will sell it at auction.

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<div class=Al Sharpton speaks out on race, rights and what bothers him about his critics
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Al Sharpton speaks out on race, rights and what bothers him about his critics

Monday, December 3, 2007

At Thanksgiving dinner David Shankbone told his white middle class family that he was to interview Reverend Al Sharpton that Saturday. The announcement caused an impassioned discussion about the civil rights leader’s work, the problems facing the black community and whether Sharpton helps or hurts his cause. Opinion was divided. “He’s an opportunist.” “He only stirs things up.” “Why do I always see his face when there’s a problem?”

Shankbone went to the National Action Network’s headquarters in Harlem with this Thanksgiving discussion to inform the conversation. Below is his interview with Al Sharpton on everything from Tawana Brawley, his purported feud with Barack Obama, criticism by influential African Americans such as Clarence Page, his experience running for President, to how he never expected he would see fifty (he is now 53). “People would say to me, ‘Now that I hear you, even if I disagree with you I don’t think you’re as bad as I thought,'” said Sharpton. “I would say, ‘Let me ask you a question: what was “bad as you thought”?’ And they couldn’t say. They don’t know why they think you’re bad, they just know you’re supposed to be bad because the right wing tells them you’re bad.”

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=Al_Sharpton_speaks_out_on_race,_rights_and_what_bothers_him_about_his_critics&oldid=4566246”
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Can I Play Golf With A Herniated Disc?}

Can I Play Golf With A Herniated Disc?}

Submitted by: Patrick Foote

Should someone with a diagnosed herniated disc play golf? The short answer: probably not. As with so many medical conditions, however, there is a caveat to that answer. Not all herniated discs produce symptoms, and those that do might not be debilitating. And even though it may seem counter-intuitive, eliminating physical activity is not necessarily a good way to respond to neck or back pain associated with spinal nerve compression. That said, common sense dictates that someone suffering the effects of a degenerative spine condition should think carefully before hitting the links.

Doctor-Patient Communication is Key

Of course, if youve already been diagnosed with a herniated disc, chances are you know that the nerve compression symptoms associated with the condition (pain, tingling, numbness, weakness, spasms) usually can be managed with a regimen of conservative (non-operative) treatment. If youre an avid golfer, theres even a chance you may have asked your doctor to gear your treatment plan toward getting you back on the course as soon as possible. You may have been prescribed a course of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), painkillers, and muscle relaxants, or you may have been sent to a physical therapist to work on improving your body mechanics and posture. Either way, once youve begun your course of treatment, its vital to maintain an open line of communication with your physician. Let him or her know what works and what doesnt, and be sure to report any changes for the better or for the worse in your symptoms.

YouTube Preview Image

Ways to Avoid a Herniated Disc

The aging process takes a toll on the intervertebral discs, and over time the discs can dehydrate, become brittle, and lose height. If a discs outer wall becomes torn, the gel-like inner nucleus material can leak into the spinal canal. This is a herniated disc. How does a discs outer wall become torn? It can be a product of everyday wear and tear, but the twisting, turning, and bending associated with sports like golf also can accelerate the process. In order to avoid the onset of a disc herniation, its important for golfers to physically prepare themselves to play. That means proper stretching, a warm-up period on the range, and even focusing on general physical fitness away from the course.

Many golf pros recommend regular trips to the gym to maintain the physical fitness required to enjoy the game for life. Weight training, reps on an elliptical machine, laps in a swimming pool, and time on a treadmill are all good ways to attain peak physical condition. The only caveat? Always consult with a physician before beginning a new exercise regimen.

Fortunately, symptoms from a herniated disc usually subside after a few days or weeks of conservative treatment. However, if chronic symptoms persist after several months of treatment, or if the herniated disc causes a rare emergency situation like cauda equina syndrome, surgery might become an option. Talk to your doctor about your limitations if you are diagnosed with disc herniation, and be sure to research all of your surgical options if conservative treatment proves ineffective.

About the Author: Patrick Foote is the Director of eBusiness at Laser Spine Institute, the leader in endoscopic spine surgery. Laser Spine Institute specializes in safe and effective outpatient procedures for the treatment of

herniated discs

and several other spinal conditions.



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